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Talk: Fireside with
Meg Ryan

We closed out In goop Health LA 2018 with a rare moment: GP in conversation with the inimitable Meg Ryan. As actors, they’ve both played iconic film roles that have become cultural reference points. For her part, Meg talks about what it was like being labeled “America’s sweetheart”—what it meant and didn’t mean to her personally—and how she approached being famous like an anthropologist. GP and Meg go back and forth about the process of fully inhabiting who they are. And they discuss how our society still struggles to see women as the complex people that we are, particularly when it comes to our sexuality. (For example, women are often told, subtly or not, that they can be cute or they can be sexy. But not both.) Last, Meg shares her favorite wellness practice and lets us in on her experience as a mom of a science-loving teen daughter and a son who is off acting now, too.