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They call him the “Tarzan” of today. But MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre’s real-life MO? Getting back to nature—specifically, helping people move instinctively in nature. You can think of his workshop as a next-level workout, except that it’s in the wild. Bouldering, scaling rocks, climbing trees, deep-sea swimming, lifting fallen logs—it’s the kind of stuff you can’t do or find even in the most tricked-out gym. His challenging weekend and weeklong retreats—held all around the globe in jungles, on beaches, near mountains—are for adventurers; designed to get you out of your comfort zone, back to nature, and back in your body.
Southeast Asia
Habitat for Humanity was among the first to make volunteer travel what it is today. And not only did Habitat make it viable; the company made the idea of using your vacation to bring good to the world a more attractive option than just: Get on a plane; land on an island. The ethos of the company is to provide housing for low-income families, and to do that, it relies on volunteers. The Global Village trips are relatively short—a week to ten days—and are available in dozens of countries all over the world—Paraguay, Zambia, Kenya, Cambodia, Mexico, and Nepal. Decide where you want to go, explain what skill sets you bring, and go make the world a better place. After one trip, you’ll almost certainly plan another.
We’re not the only ones who get that making profound connections, spiritual growth, and emotional well-being are all things that modern men crave. We started goop Men. Lucas Krump started Evryman. This B Corp’s mission is simple: to help men connect. Connect to what? That’s where it gets a bit more complex. In connecting to the wilderness through intensive guided retreats and expeditions to spiritually charged places like Joshua Tree and Yellowstone, men forge deeper connections to themselves. There’s meditation, overcoming physical feats, sleeping outdoors, yoga, group work, and much more. Back home, by attending weekly groups, they develop bonds with peers to support and nourish and maintain their hard work in a totally destigmatized environment.
Black Tomato Tasting Tour
They say you get to know a culture best through its food. And no one knows food better than the chefs who make it. That’s the idea behind Tasting Notes—a bunch of high-end trips created by Black Tomato, in which you travel to Basque Country or Peru or the Lake District in England or any of a handful of places to eat, taste, and immerse yourself in that particular culinary world. The trips are incredibly luxurious, designed by chefs, and often offer access to the places and the kitchens that are closed to the public. Come curious, and come hungry.
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