Establishment neighborhood
Frank Lloyd Wright’s American System-Built Homes
2700 W. Burnham St., Burnham Park
One of the most interesting glimpses into Frank Lloyd Wright’s work can be caught from the 2700 block of West Burnham Street in Milwaukee. Here, there are several duplexes and bungalows from circa 1915 made with pre-cut factory lumber, designed by Wright with affordability in mind, and built by Arthur Richards, which are now known as the American System-Built Homes. This stretch of rare prefabs makes the best stroll in town.
Karl Ratzsch’s (Closed)
320 E. Mason St., East Town
This German beer hall (which debuted in 1904 as Hermann’s Cafe) got an uplift when Chef Thomas Hauck (a Milwaukee native who previously worked with the late great Chef Michel Richard) became the owner in 2016. While the interior was redone, with a new dining room now on the second floor and the beer hall on the first, the menu more so returned to its roots, really focusing on traditional German food—schnitzels, sausages, kraut, potato dumplings and pancakes, entrees paired with pickled red cabbage. The beer fits the bill, too—a mix of hefes, pilsners, sour weiss, plus the odd Belgian ale, stout, and lager.
Clearwater Camp for Girls
7490 E. Clearwater Rd., Minocqua
This camp is set on a gorgeous, clear lake in Minocqua, Wisconsin, and it has been open since 1933. Upgrades have been made over the years and the camp is very well kept, but it's special for what has not changed. After every meal, the girls sing songs that have been written by campers over the years, and every Sunday night, they spend time listening to poems and writings on certain themes, then have dinner alfresco on the tennis court. At Council Fire, campers wear historic voyager hats and share stories about trips taken, called "trip sparks." Clearwater is truly a safe haven for girls to discover themselves, while learning every skill from archery and sailing to canoeing and horseback riding. For ages eight to sixteen, for a half or full summer or a two-week introductory session.