Seattle Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Milstead & Co.
754 N. 34th St., Fremont
Seattle has a reputation for seriously good coffee, in no small part due to the existence of connoisseurs like Andrew Milstead. His little spot in Fremont is a multi-roaster café, meaning the different roasts are switched out multiple times a day (folks in the coffee industry will tell you this is an art that’s difficult to master). Rest assured: While this spot is definitely a pilgrimage for coffee tourists, it’s equally welcoming to beginners—Milstead and his baristas are big on education and happy to answer questions.
Juicebox Café
1517 12th Ave., Capitol Hill
Less than a year after launching their cold-pressed juices, the first Juicebox retail space/café was opened in the fall of 2013 in Capitol Hill. The organic juices here are amazing, as are the salads. You can pop in to get food on the go, but the pretty café is the kind of place you want to hang with a girlfriend for brunch: The sunlit space is threaded with ivy plants and flowers, a collage of framed nature photographs decorates a wall above a perched bar counter, and on another wall, rustic white bookcases hold vintage bowls and plates.
Melrose Market
1531 Melrose Ave., Capitol Hill
Pike Place Market gets most of the attention in Seattle, but since its opening in 2010, Melrose Market has gained a reputation as a locals' spot for specialty food items. Chef Matt Dillon helped transform the market by moving in two of his popular restaurants: dinner spot Sitka & Spruce as well as his wine bar and shop, Bar Ferd'nand. Take the time to stroll through and enjoy all the cool little stalls, like the cheese at Calf & Kid and the flowers at Marigold and Mint.
Coyle’s Bakeshop
8300 Greenwood Ave. N, Phinney Ridge
Foodies in Seattle know Rachel Coyle for her flaky, buttery cretzels (the perfect lovechild of a pretzel and a croissant), which sold out in record numbers at her Book Larder popups back in 2013. Last year, she opened her very own brick and mortar, and while the cretzels are still a best-seller, neighbors know that her seasonally-inspired creations are really where it's at—regulars check Facebook or Instagram to see what's fresh in the case each day. Consider branching out and trying one of her savory creations, like the ham and cheese croissants, or sandwiches with tomato jam on fresh baguettes. Unsurprisingly, this is an excellent place to pick up a cake for a celebration.