Seattle Services

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Cascadian Farms
55749 WA-20, Rockport
All-Organic since before it was a thing (1972)—Cascadian Farms has been a champion in future-proofing the soil and preserving the health of the rivers from its inception; they're even helping convert existing conventional farms—no easy feat. Aside from the mammoth task of actually running a fully operational farm, Cascadian makes over seventy-five organic products—from cereals and fruit spreads to relish with the fruits of their labor—all easy to order directly from their site. You can also buy the vegetables grown on the farm frozen in many supermarkets—preserving the quality of this organic grown produce for those without easy access to a farmers market. Oh, and they run a comprehensive bee-saving program, a crucial endeavor for the health of the ecosystem.
Marigold and Mint
1531 Melrose Ave., Capitol Hill
A three-in-one, Marigold and Mint is an organic farm and floral design studio. The farm is about thrity miles east of Seattle on the Snoqualmie River, and governed by organic, sustainable practices. No surprise, the farm grows a variety of marigolds and mint, but also much more, like pansies and strawberries in the spring, sunflowers and roses in summer, hydrangea in the fall, and hemlock in winter. You can shop their flowers (plus their organic produce and other gift items) at their sister location, The London Plane in Pioneer Square, or call/email in a delivery order.
Megan Mary Olander
1911 E. Aloha St., Stevens
Megan Mary Olander's arrangements have the old-fashioned character of an opulent European garden. She's been sharing her elegant creations with Seattle for nearly thirty years. Her shop carries small gift items and cards, but the flowers are of course the real prize. Each arrangement is designed individually, so if you're not visiting the store, it's best to place your order over the phone to allow for some back and forth, but email requests are also accepted.