Establishment neighborhood
Palihotel Seattle
107 Pine St., Pike Place
Whether for last-minute work trips or spontaneous jaunts to cities along the West Coast, Palihotel is one of the most beautifully-decorated, luxurious, efficient, responsive, and personal hotel groups we’ve ever experienced. They’re in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now, Seattle, and we’re crazy about their exceptional service, chicly cushy design (think Wes Anderson with exquisite linens) and sheer coziness. And considering the level of deluxeness, it’s remarkably affordable. The Seattle iteration is right near Pike Place, the fish market, and the Seattle Art Museum. After a day of meetings or sightseeing (or both), a glass of wine and cheese board in the bar is the perfect wind-down. Guestrooms make clever use of space and are full of thoughtful touches like fresh flowers, mini Smeg fridges, pretty antique tea kettles, and a desk you’ll actually want to work from.
Dermaspace Electrotherapy Skincare
509 Olive Way, Ste 1315, Pike Place
This spa’s signature facial isn’t your standard cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Instead, it’s a four-step treatment that uses vitamins, minerals, electrotherapy, and some Hannibal Lecter–esque equipment to cleanse, brighten, and tighten skin. The sixty- and ninety-minute treatments start with cleansing and exfoliation. Next, a cotton fabric saturated with yucca-root solution is placed over the face. Over that hovers an infrared dome to encourage detoxification, after which the aesthetician does extractions with a small vacuum. Finally, your face and neck are wrapped in cotton soaked in an anti-blemish, anti-aging solution, and a galvanic current is run through the skin. The entire process feels a bit ticklish—and yields bright, bouncy skin.
Cascadian Farms
55749 WA-20, Rockport
All-Organic since before it was a thing (1972)—Cascadian Farms has been a champion in future-proofing the soil and preserving the health of the rivers from its inception; they're even helping convert existing conventional farms—no easy feat. Aside from the mammoth task of actually running a fully operational farm, Cascadian makes over seventy-five organic products—from cereals and fruit spreads to relish with the fruits of their labor—all easy to order directly from their site. You can also buy the vegetables grown on the farm frozen in many supermarkets—preserving the quality of this organic grown produce for those without easy access to a farmers market. Oh, and they run a comprehensive bee-saving program, a crucial endeavor for the health of the ecosystem.
Seattle Aquarium
1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59, Downtown
Seattle's aquarium isn't the biggest, but what they do have is pretty great: plenty of hands-on activities for the kids, an array of animals from otters and seals to birds (and fish of all sizes), daily mammal feedings, and an amazing underwater dome that gives you a 360-degree fish-eye perspective on the mysterious activities of the Puget Sound. It gets pretty busy during the school season, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, it's best to go before noon or after 3pm.
Seaplane Rides to San Juan Islands
950 Westlake Ave. N, Lake Union
It’s just a 45-minute ride from Seattle’s Lake Union up to the San Juan Islands, but getting there is truly half of the fun. (Think: seals, whales, and orca sightings plus killer views of the Seattle skyline.) Local carrier Kenmore Air offers regular flights for those visiting the islands, as well as the option to do ride-alongs and just sightsee from the seaplane, making for a great weekend activity. (Head here for a full goop itinerary once you arrive.)
Homestead Plant Shop
2202 E. Olive St., Central District
We have the design world (and Instagram’s) current obsession with fiddlehead figs to thank for the current craze for bringing the outdoors in. Husband-and-wife duo Ryan and Michele Tansey who hopped on the trend, first opening the Plant Shop as a pop-up last year before making things permanent this past spring. Here, they’ve stocked the space with a darling selection of little potted cacti and succulents, ferns, Ficuses—and just about anything else your green thumb could desire.