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NY Cake Academy
Online Only
Learn how to pipe a buttercream rosette, smoosh icing over sponge, and make shell shapes under the watchful Zoom eye of NY Cake Academy instructors. The best part of this clever program is that once you’re registered, the academy mails you a full kit of everything you might need, saving you the hassle of finding (and going to the store and buying) a pastry bag or that offset spatula you swear you own but can never find. Set your kid up in the kitchen with their kit, hit play, and leave them to it for an hour.
Simply Grow
Online Only
Teacher, educator mentor, and curriculum designer Agata Young’s UK-based sensory learning center offers weekly sensory learning classes on YouTube, as well as a library of content on Facebook. While the classes are designed for babies up to thirteen months, sensory learning is all about exploring colors, textures, sound, and movement (and developing critical pathways in the brain), so it’s easy to get older kids involved, too. While you’re gathering the recommended props for a class, have toddlers pick out their own toys to use while following along.
Camp Lightbulb
7080 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
Summer 2020’s stay-at-home orders can’t crush the spirit of Camp Lightbulb’s #rainbowtribe. The camp for LGBTQ+ kids typically has outposts in LA, NYC, and Provincetown, Massachusetts, all summer long. This year, it’s gone virtual. The weeklong themed camps are just as packed with activities, including short-movie making, music videos, and learning about LGBTQ+ history, intersectionality, and activism. If full days of camp don’t work with your family’s schedule, Camp Lightbulb also has free Instagram Live yoga and virtual events to keep kids connected and offer them a chance to make new friends while staying safe.