Establishment neighborhood
The Lygon Arms
High St., Broadway
History buffs—and everyone else—tend to swoon over the storied Lygon Arms, which has been operating as an inn since the fourteenth century (the current building dates to the early seventeenth century) and has a guest book that includes Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth Taylor. Architecturally, the sprawling, wood-beams-and-vaulted-ceilings property doesn’t stray far from its Jacobean foundations. Rooms can be small, so we suggest going for the more-private cottage deluxe option. The ground floor is a maze of snug corners, stuffed sofas, leather armchairs, and antique memorabilia. The bar serves a gin and tonic that is beyond reproach, and the full English breakfast at the elegant Lygon Bar & Grill is worth the journey.
Southrop, Gloucestershire
Thyme—a newish Cotswolds destination in tiny Southrop—wraps everything you could want into one tidy, Georgian bundle. Guest rooms are palatial, some with four-poster beds, others with vintage wallpaper and clawfoot tubs. The entire property is an ode to good, old-fashioned Englishness, where champagne is poured into proper crystal coupes, organic gardens are meticulously landscaped, medieval barns come cloaked in ivy, and afternoon scones are heaped with jam and clotted cream. Eat as many of Ballymaloe alum (and local son) Charlie Hibbert’s meals as possible in the Ox Barn. And book a few master classes at Thyme’s superb cooking school to take a taste of the Gloucestershire countryside home with you. For a change of scenery, a few steps through the gate and across the street is the Swan, Southrop’s charming pub: a roaring fire, a robust wine list, convivial locals, the works.
1 Westgate St., Hackney
Bright is exactly that. Tables are a bleached blonde, sun-saturated wood; walls are creamy linen white that borders on yellow; and the restaurant’s front is made entirely of glass. Settle into the high stools and rest against the wall. Bright speaks to the diner who wants to sink their teeth into perfectly toasted sourdough glistening with paper-thin cured pork belly, grilled radicchio stalks drowned in preserved cherries, and ropes of tagliolini swirled in porcini butter. And then there’s the wine. The owners are also the mavericks behind P. Franco and Noble Rot (two beloved London wine establishments), and the list is in line with their low-intervention, small-growers-only credo.
Din Tai Fung
5 Henrietta St., Covent Garden
Ask any Los Angeleno which restaurant justifies a slow crawl across the I-10 on a weeknight and the answer is almost always Din Tai Fung. The experience runs like a finely oiled machine from start to finish, to the point that it's (blessedly) predictable and outrageously tasty. Now, with an outpost open in Covent Garden, Londoners can breathe easy. Yes, you will wait, but you’ll wait with a ticket and a tick-the-box menu for no longer than half an hour. Once you’re seated, those delectable soup dumplings will be on the table in minutes, and the whole thing will cost you less than your weekly coffee order.
Emerald and Tiger
174 Walton St., Chelsea
Holistic healer Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the London-based wellness brand Emerald and Tiger. Harsono is a Reiki master, a sonic artist, and an intuitive guide. (You can get a feel for her bright, uplifting energy from this morning Reiki meditation.) Harsono offers virtual private and group sessions, which you can sign up for on her website. For more from Harsono, check out her book Self Reiki: Tune in to Your Life Force to Achieve Harmony and Balance.
goop Shop-in-Shop Harvey Nichols (Closed)
109-125 Knightsbridge, Belgravia
With its seventeenth-century grandeur, impossibly impressive food scene, world-class shopping, and top-tier museums, London has always had us enthralled. Opening our first international goop store in pastel-pretty Notting Hill was a natural fit. Then it was time for our first pop-up store-in-store, and we all collectively whispered: Harvey Nichols. Designed by Charles & Co to fuse the best of Californian and British design sensibilities—a little mid-century modern, a little sweet floral—the space stocks the A-list of #goodcleangoop beauty, a London-specific edit of G. Label, Tabitha Simmons shoes and jewelry, and a whole lot more. You’ll find us on the fourth floor.
Emma Lucy Knowles
Chelsea, London
True intuitives are rare. Having someone know your thoughts, read your body, and decipher your energy without knowing you should be impossible, but it’s not. Knowles is a living, breathing intuitive who in her own mystic way suspends her hands over your body, somehow knowing the trigger points without actually touching you. Candles flicker and crystals get hot in your hands as you lie there waiting for Knowles’s reading (which she will record and send to you a day or two after the dust settles). Of course, these healing sessions are different for everyone, but our reading was spot-on. Knowles considers herself a clairvoyant, a reader, an intuitive, a crystal healer, and an author (her book The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-vibe Life is a must for the crystal-curious), and no two sessions are quite the same.
Emma Peel
9 Eccleston St., Belgravia
So much exercise is ticking a box. Cardio, done; strength training, done; yoga…not so fast. Yoga is supposed to be an immersive experience for body and mind, and so much of that transformative experience is dictated by the teacher. Emma Peel is one of those rare beings who describes herself as a yoga instructor, but really a session with her is like a master class in letting go. Two hours of yin with Peel involves holding stretches that go so deep, you feel it in your bones, while she recites poetry, speaks to the seasons, and plays the music that seems to crescendo with the tougher postures and soften with the gentle ones. Peel teaches all over London, but you can find her regularly at Yogarise in Peckham and the Light Centre in Belgravia.
The Zita West Fertility Clinic
37 Manchester St., Marylebone
West is a real-life baby whisperer. At the largest holistic fertility clinic in the UK, West, a trained midwife, and her team of medical doctors and holistic practitioners consider and treat the whole person. That treatment can entail acupuncture, nutritional advice, tackling emotional stressors, and IVF. In person, West is both calmly practical and hugely empathetic, with a sense of humor that usually dissolves any nervousness. All courses of treatment start with a consultation and chat on the sofa; for those seeking some of West’s wisdom from home, her informative books and supplements are available online.