Establishment neighborhood
Modern Society
33 Redchurch St., Shoreditch
Sure, it's a boutique, but this beautiful space is also a really great hangout spot. Stop by for a coffee, peruse their selection of small objects and tabletop goods, have a light lunch meeting at one of their gorgeous green marble tables, or stock up on Etre Cecile t-shirts, Pamela Love jewelry, and the shop's own brand linen shirts. With its laid-back vibe, Modern Society has quickly become a fixture on Redchurch Street, one of East London's coolest shopping drags.
F. Cooke
150 Hoxton St., Shoreditch
If you're trying to get a handle on British cuisine by way of pie and mash, there are two versions to try: mash and liquor. You can tell a good pie (like the ones served here) by the crust: The top should be crispy and the bottom shouldn't be soggy. The meat has been cooked in a sealed pie, so when you open it all up, the juices should come out and mix with the liquor and the vinegar and the white pepper, and a touch of salt—and that's exactly what you'll get at this spot, which has been in town for ages. Locals recommend the mash before a night of drinking, as it lines the stomach. As one friend told us, after pies and mash here, "you can drink like a fish and never get drunk."
Cereal Killer Café
192a Brick Ln., Shoreditch
With a menu that includes 120 different types of cereal (some of them extremely rare and difficult to source), 30 varieties of milk, plus a selection of Pop Tarts and old-school sodas, this place specializes in nostalgia for children of the '80s and '90s. Created by hilarious Irish identical twin brothers, Gary and Alan Keery, the flashbacks don't stop with Lucky Charms: The café is jam-packed with toys and trinkets like Troll dolls and Power Rangers action figures, and features a facade made of VHS tapes. There are multiple locations in London.