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The Zita West Fertility Clinic
37 Manchester St., Marylebone
West is a real-life baby whisperer. At the largest holistic fertility clinic in the UK, West, a trained midwife, and her team of medical doctors and holistic practitioners consider and treat the whole person. That treatment can entail acupuncture, nutritional advice, tackling emotional stressors, and IVF. In person, West is both calmly practical and hugely empathetic, with a sense of humor that usually dissolves any nervousness. All courses of treatment start with a consultation and chat on the sofa; for those seeking some of West’s wisdom from home, her informative books and supplements are available online.
10 Harley St., Marylebone
Cornelius O’Shaughnessy is one of those hard-to-pin-down figures whose name is reverentially whispered by meditation devotees around town. He’s something of a wellness guru, which is why we had to have him lead a session at our first In goop Health summit in London. The founder of Bodhimaya, a retreat-style experience centering around recovery from stress, burnout, and addiction on properties like Villa La Coste, O’Shaughnessy teaches meditation and Eastern philosophy at his Bodhimaya headquarters on Harley Street and at Fiona Arrigo’s A Place to Heal.
1 Harley St., Marylebone
Breathwork is a deeply personal practice. Hyperventilating and releasing in a room full of people and the sobbing, laughing, and shaking that often accompany that release require a certain willingness to bare all. This is why our first session with renowned breathworker Stuart Sandeman was a one-on-one. When we arrived at the Scotsman’s Dalston studio (there's a second space in Marylebone), his cheery, confident nature immediately put us at ease. And though the next hour of open-mouthed belly breathing and releasing by slapping our hands and feet against the (padded) ground as we loudly exhaled was intense, the release of emotion (okay, we cried) and the subsequent energy burst is not to be understated.
Glow Bar
70 Mortimer St., Marylebone
Glow Bar is a welcome one-stop wellness shop in one of the more chaotic parts of town. The philosophy centers around stress management in the form of sipping, sweating, and shopping. The café section is a calming pink and green corner with an adaptogen-heavy menu of moon milks, smoothies, and pitaya bowls to help soothe the nervous system. The infrared sauna is meant to assist with sleep and collagen production, while the shop is stocked with clean beauty, herbs, and other wellness essentials.
Alfred Cutner, M.D.
University College Hospital, Marylebone
Gynecologist Alfred Cutner offers specialist consultations, investigations, and treatments to women with benign gynecological conditions at The Portland Hospital. He also runs an NHS practice at the teaching hospital at University College Hospital London. His main interest is laparoscopic surgery and its application in urogynaecology, endometriosis, fibroids, and pediatric and adolescent gynecology. Sounds complicated but, to sum it up, he's an excellent, well-rounded doctor.