Covent Garden

Establishment neighborhood
Chick ‘n’ Sours
1a Earlham St., Covent Garden
What started as a no-frills fried chicken spot in Haggerston with kitschy mismatched China and picnic tables for large groups outside, now has its upscale counterpart in Covent Garden's Seven Dials. It makes sense, too: Their phenomenal fried chicken just couldn't be contained to one small spot in Haggerston. Not only is their chicken incredibly succulent and their crust perfectly crunchy, but the flavors of their sauces are pretty otherworldly. Don't miss the intensely spicy chicken wings, or the K-Pop bun which comes with gochujang sauce, or their General Tso Fried Chicken. In fact, come with a group so you can order the whole menu and sample it all. While the concept of fried chicken and sour drinks is enticing, stick with their sangria, beer, or wine.
16 Henrietta St., Covent Garden
For the last six years it’s been near impossible to land a table at Greg and Marie Marchand’s much-loved Paris restaurant Frenchie and its Bar a Vins offshoot across the street. Lucky for London, the Marchands have landed across the channel, opening the doors to a glistening new space, complete with an open kitchen downstairs as a nod to the original. Here, Marchand’s masterful, tapas-style menu incorporates his tastes from working in New York, Paris, and London’s best kitchens. In fact, Frenchie is a return to London for Greg, having earned his stripes at places like Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, where he also earned his nickname: Frenchie. From his elegant takes on the likes of Cornish Cod and Yorkshire Chicken, you can tell he’s having fun reigniting his friendships with the best London producers, all the while showing his French roots with an ever-changing sampling of French cheeses and worldly wines.
Somerset House
Strand, Covent Garden
This cultural institution has some of the best shows on Fashion, Photography and Design every year, not to mention the new London Design Biennial as of 2016. Aside from the galleries, there are a couple good spots to have a snack, take in the views of the Thames and also take the kids. Every Saturday, Somerset House offers kids a range activities from painting and model-making to fashion design and animation. Each workshop is designed to encourage and inspire fresh activities to try at home. The courtyard, which is by a great concert series in the summer, is transformed into a public ice skating rink every winter.
Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop
44 The Market, Covent Garden
Benjamin Pollock's toy theater shop was revamped in the 1960's by Marguerite Fawdry (it was her idea to add a museum), and Mr. Pollock's grandson runs the shop and adjoining museum to this day. There are old-fashioned teddy bears, doll houses, zoetropes, and vintage games that kids and adults alike will find fascinating. The specialty here, however, remains the mini-theaters. The toy store still stocks them and makes for the start of a very fanciful toy collection.