Belgravia Health & Beauty

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Sarah Bradden
Nejati Clinic, 25a Lowndes St., Belgravia
Coined “The Bradden Method,” Sarah Bradden’s signature cosmetic acupuncture facial is both a spiritual reset and a sculpting face treatment. Each treatment is tailored to your needs (and every visit is different) and includes a mix of acupuncture (for face, neck, ears, or body), Reiki, reflexology, massage, LED light therapy, and activated oxygen therapy. You’ll leave with a goddess-like glow and a restored sense of balance and relaxation.
Emma Peel
9 Eccleston St., Belgravia
So much exercise is ticking a box. Cardio, done; strength training, done; yoga…not so fast. Yoga is supposed to be an immersive experience for body and mind, and so much of that transformative experience is dictated by the teacher. Emma Peel is one of those rare beings who describes herself as a yoga instructor, but really a session with her is like a master class in letting go. Two hours of yin with Peel involves holding stretches that go so deep, you feel it in your bones, while she recites poetry, speaks to the seasons, and plays the music that seems to crescendo with the tougher postures and soften with the gentle ones. Peel teaches all over London, but you can find her regularly at Yogarise in Peckham and the Light Centre in Belgravia.
The Lanesborough Club & Spa
2 Lanesborough Pl., Belgravia
A relatively recent renovation to the spa and gym at London’s grande dame the Lanesborough takes wellness to the next level. The gym is first-class and available to guests and members with a slew of performance specialists on hand for one-on-one and class training,as well as full health assessments. Box, run, weight lift, dance, yoga you name it—it’s all available, plus a café that features nutritionist-led dishes and drinks for lunch after a workout. Highlights at the spa include Ila facials, crystal sound healing (pure sound vibrations made using a pestle and crystal bowl), and Tibetan energy healing. The biggest draw however is an energetic healing facial with the renowned Anastasia Achilleos (Achilleos has a residency on Thursdays, be sure to book early). The pool is one of the prettiest in London, and overall, the Lanesborough feels much more like a retreat than a fitness club.
Grace Belgravia (Closed)
11 West Halkin St., Belgravia
The Grace is a boon to womankind as far as we're concerned: A private, women-only club in one of London's upper-crust neighborhoods, it's as great to hit for a business meeting as it is for a spa break, a green juice, a healthy lunch, or any number of holistic treatments with some of the city's most renowned healers. It's a one-stop shop for everything from colonics to IV infusions, and those who have the spare cash might consider the three- to five-day Intensive Cleanse, which includes a nutritional plan and everything from lymphatic drainage to Acqua Calda hammam treatments. It's a pretty great place to kick-start a health and wellness regimen.