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Sandy Ingham
[email protected]
Based in Cornwall, Sandy is an international medium (all she needs is a phone line) who gets her information through thoughts, rather than voices or images (i.e., she is clairsentient—and most remarkably, she is also a psychic artist). While she herself admittedly cannot draw, one of her spirit guides takes control of her hand and draws loved ones who have passed while she delivers information from the other side. (There are some fascinating YouTube videos of the process.)
Hotel Tresanton
St. Mawes, Cornwall
Cornwall is known for its guest houses and small beachside B&B’s but when it comes to hotels, the Tresanton is a standout. For starters, the ex-yacht club has its own 8 meter yacht, the Pinuccia, which guests use to tour Falmouth bay from spring to early fall (pack a picnic). Back on land, there are 31 rooms, individually decorated in the Cornish coast’s trademark pastel palette, with local art on the walls, antiques, and plenty of bright pops of color. It has a small spa for wonderful massages, facials, and holistic treatments, a long terrace with plenty of deck chairs for enjoying the sea views, and a restaurant that serves up simple and light seasonal fare. But the real draw here is the outdoors. Perfect for families, there are a few suites available for rent, plus two guest cottages for larger groups. While it might not offer the creature comforts that some of the other hotels on this list boast, it makes up for it with a totally disarming vibe, plus a reasonable price tag for a weekend’s stay on the water. St. Mawes itself is a cute town…