Jumeirah Beach Residence

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The Ritz-Carlton Dubai
Jumeirah Beach Residence
Dubai’s Ritz-Carlton has a lot to offer, even beyond what you’d expect (excellent service, abundant amenities, generally luxurious furnishings, etc.). For starters, the location is hard to beat: it’s situated in JBR—super close to the water—which means that addition to being beautiful, it’s in a very walkable part of Dubai (slightly removed but close to the center of beach activity) that’s brimming with energy. Their restaurant, Blue Jade, is a next-level sushi restaurant that is a draw independent of the hotel. Plus, the Ritz-Carlton is one of several great places to try a lavish Dubai afternoon tea situation—their bar, Lobby Lounge, serves tea daily from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., which means you can opt into a full experience that includes decadent bites ranging from éclairs to smoked salmon rillettes (and whiskey flights, if that’s more your thing).
Marsa Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence
We could wax poetic for a while about the food—which is an incredible offering of elevated Italian food that includes everything you’d hope for, from super-fresh salads and seafood dishes to homemade fresh pasta—but the real draw here is the restaurant itself, which is a beautiful multi-level space with beach views. It’s somehow both laid-back and upscale at once; the more family-friendly option is to opt for a table upstairs on the terrace, where you can order wood-fired pizza. Downstairs, you’ll find both a main dining room and a large, tree-adorned patio space where you can order from the full menu.
Baker & Spice
Marina Promenade, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Baker & Spice's casual menu is a balance of Western and Middle Eastern dishes, and changes based on what's in season (they source most of their produce from UAE farmers). The breakfast menu is full of healthy-ish classics like Turkish eggs, avocado toast with dukkah, and a famously good shakshouka, and lunch is a mix of fresh salads and hearty comfort food, like burrata salad with beetroot carpaccio, pumpkin and goat cheese tortellini, and roast chicken and potatoes. If you don't have time to order off the menu, you can also pick up fresh-baked bread, tarts, pastries, and pies to go. Now in its seventh season, their Friday farmer’s market at Business Bay is an amazing resource for locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. There are locations in Al Barsha, Jumeirah, Souk Al Bahar, and Souk Al Manzil (oh, and they cater).
DoubleTree by Hilton, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Along with Blue Jade and not surprisingly Zuma, Ramusake is a favorite Japanese restaurant in Dubai. Part of the surge of restaurants that have come to JBR in the last year or so, Ramsuake is on the Hilton property at the end of the strip (where the seafood spot, The Main, is located, too). Loosely izakaya-style dining, the Ramusake menu is a mix of shareable plates, including robata meat dishes (i.e miso-brined baby chicken with jalapeno, steamed sea bass, Wagyu beef), sushi, dumplings, and salads. The interior is handsome, all dark wood, with an enticing bar, and additional seating on the patio outside.
The Main
Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence
This bar and grill, which operates out of a hotel garage, is run by Montreal native Joey Ghazal, who's attempting to create a casual, laid-back vibe that's unlike anything else you can find in Dubai. Unsurprisingly, Dubai’s younger crowd are on-board with the concept—you'll routinely find them bellied up to the extra long bar sipping on hipster cocktails. The family-style menu features all the brasserie standards, including a three-tier seafood tower, and there's a pages-long cigar menu, too.
The Marina, The Walk, & JBR
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence
Dubai's Marina has become one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods—a lot of young expats live here—in part because the area, including the adjacent JBR, is so walkable, in a city that has typically revolved around drivers. To orient yourself: The Marina is the section that hugs the main Sheikh Zayed Road on one side and the interior waterway on the other. There are a few footbridges that connect the Marina to Jumeirah Beach Residence (called JBR), which is on the gulf side. The Walk at JBR is the name of the outdoor shopping promenade strip of Jumeirah Beach Residence. For a tour of the area, start by walking the waterway in the Marina, where you can watch the yachts going by, and then cross over to JBR toward the beach, where you'll find some of the best people watching in Dubai—a real cross section of the city's residents and visitors. Stop to eat while you're in JBR—see Blue Jade, Ramusake, and The Main.