Moo 4 Hotels

Establishment neighborhood
102/9 Laem-Set Rd, Na Mueang, Moo 4
Past-life regression, acupuncture, Pranayama breathwork, daily yoga, and Qigong. Lap pool, leisure pool, secluded beach, private villas overlooking that secluded beach. Lush greenery, gardens everywhere. Foot massages with herbal soaks, Indian head massages, and something called the royal Ayurvedic massage (heavenly). Kamalaya, on the idyllic Thai island Koh Samui, is kind of unbelievable, combining Eastern and Western medical treatments to create the opportunity for as full a reset as you want, from diet and exercise work to psychological exploration. We miss their pumpkin soup and coconut milk dandelion coffee “cappuccino” (because yes, that’s a thing). But mostly, we miss the cotton-candy sunsets that streak the darkening sky with layers of pink and the warm, cocooning breeze that rustles through the palms every night.
Banyan Tree
99/9 Moo 4
Follow the island's eastern shoreline until you get to a secluded bay. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you get to a place that looks like it could be in a James Bond movie. Look up and you'll see private villas attached to stilts on the rocky hillside. This is Banyan Tree. It's more pared down than some of Thailand’s more opulent resorts but still totally considered, with individual swimming pools and hammocks, rain showers, and an incredibly attentive staff. The wellness program is the star here. And by wellness, we mean a huge spa that focuses on hydrotherapy (ask the staff to recommend a treatment that’s in line with your goals) and Thai massage. There's also a respected yoga practice. This is where you come to recharge. For a little more action, a hotel shuttle will bring you to Lamai, a charming little city five minutes away.