University Park Shops

Establishment neighborhood
Cebolla Fine Flowers
4415 Lovers Ln., University Park
Cebolla Fine Flowers is owned by couple and business partners Luit and Jamie Huizenga, who have been running the business since shortly after Luit emigrated from Holland in the '80s. Their state-of-the-art warehouse (where they also live with their daughter) is equipped with geothermal heating, which keeps the countless orchid plants healthy year-round. In the summer months, they actually offer monarch butterfly chrysalises, which eventually hatch and fly away. If you can't make it to their shop on Lover's Lane, they deliver to almost every neighborhood in the city.
4711 W. Lovers Ln., University Park
This store was once literally housed in a cabana on owner Merry Vose's property. However, when her covert, by-appointment operation was shut down by the city, she took her fan base to Lovers Lane. It's equally easy to miss there, which only adds to the allure and sense of discovery upon spotting the unmarked lavender door. The same mix of pretty, affordable labels—MiH, Monrow, Steven Alan, Nili Lotan—abounds. Vose has since opened a bigger sister store, Canary.
Neiman Marcus
400 Northpark Center, University Park
Neiman’s was born in Dallas, and no trip to Texas is complete without a visit to the mother ship (there’s the original downtown and a bigger outpost in Northpark). Here, you’ll experience the sort of service that Stanley Marcus described in his epic book, Minding the Store, which is a must-read for anyone who loves retail. But we digress: The shoe department here is particularly epic, and dressed models still roam the floors, making it a wonderfully old-world experience.