Establishment neighborhood
7713 Inwood Rd., Bluffview
While the menu at Shinsei might be a little offputting with its pan-Asian ambition—it offers not only Japanese sushi but also some Korean BBQ dishes along with plenty of Chinese-American options—the truth is the food is well, great. It’s no surprise, though, as the owners are Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun, the wives of two of Dallas’s most established chefs. We tend to opt for the sushi and tempura dishes and find ourselves enjoying the Dallas-style innovations, including using jalapeño as an ingredient in the rolls. The gorgeous interiors—mid-century Swedish gone to Japan—are a plus.
Rise No.1
5360 W. Lovers Ln., Bluffview
There’s something pretty charming about this Francophile restaurant located in Inwood Village. As its name suggests, the specialty here is the soufflé, which they’ve totally mastered in all its forms, both savory and sweet. Each comes prettily plated on traditional French dishware, making it the kind of fanciful place you might take your daughter for a special treat. If you’re just along for the ride and not a huge fan of the dish, there are plenty of healthier, equally French-inflected options to choose from.