Establishment neighborhood
Friends & Neighbors (Closed)
2614 E. Cesar Chavez, Holly
A bungalow-turned-shop, with an attached cafe serving coffee, wine, beer, and snacks; and a teepee, wrought iron tables, and board games out back, Friends & Neighbors is as Austin (and adorable) as it sounds. Every room of Friends & Neighbors, which is still designed like a home, is a bit different. The living room has home decor, vintage clothes, and accessories; the bathroom: beauty products (including goop-approved clean brands like Olio e Osso), towels, and linens; while loungewear hangs from an armoire in the bedroom.
2115 Holly St., Holly
Like so many spots in Austin, this restaurant takes its name from its former life—as a Kleen Wash laundry built in the late 60s. At the helm is chef Rene Ortiz, whose Mediterranean influenced-dishes take inspiration from North Africa and the Levant, too. The design? As coolly laid-back as its imaginative chef, with modern wire chairs at the bar, big picture windows, and lacquered turquoise floors. Don’t miss the Prince Edward Island mussels doused in green chile butter and Castelvetrano olive broth.
Blue Owl Brewing
2400 E. Cesar Chavez St., Holly
The house-brewed beer at Blue Owl is sour—in the best way—due to their signature all-natural fermentation process, fittingly called sour-mashing, which results in lower acidity content and a tart, hoppy taste. (Staff on hand can provide you with a tasting guide to start, or opt for their $15 self-guided tasting tour.) Along with the unique texture/flavor medley of their distinctive brews, the bar itself is an elevated experience compared to your typical brewery: It is lofty, whitewashed, and fun.