Establishment neighborhood
Chi’lantro BBQ
823 Congress Ave., Downtown
Chi’lantro BBQ’s most famous dish is their kimchi fries—classic french fries topped with caramelized kimchi and melted cheese that taste as good as they sound. The rest of the menu offers comfort food inspired by Korean BBQ, including a rice bowl, an asian salad, an excellent burger, and more. Cubicle types, take note: Their online ordering system is really easy and streamlined. There are other locations in Zilker, Rosedale, and North Burnett.
Houndstooth Coffee
401 Congress Ave., Downtown
It’s easy to fall for the décor in Houndstooth, which features a wooden herringbone bar, Scandinavian-style furniture, and clusters of Edison bulbs. The overall effect is really minimalist, which is great, because it lets their extremely well-researched and perfectly executed coffee shine. Nice touch: the coffee cups have adorable silhouettes of Texas that you’ll see when you make it to the bottom of the cup. There is another location in Rosedale.
Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden
709 E. 6th St., Downtown
This isn't exactly the classic working coffee shop, but the dual-experience concept behind Easy Tiger is pretty cool. Upstairs, there's a bakery with amazing Bavarian bread; downstairs, you'll find a beer garden with a mile-long beer list and rows of picnic tables; the outside, there's a patio with ping pong tables overlooking a quiet little creek. The downstairs is definitely a party in the evenings, but it's quiet upstairs, making it a good choice for an afternoon of work.