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Establishment neighborhood
1010 Cooley Ln., Vanderpool
Meg Clark, the owner-director of Lonehollow is the daughter of Marsha and Dale Elmore, who owns storied Camp Waldemar. Lonehollow is also in Texas, just about an hour's drive south from Waldemar, but it's coed (as opposed to all girls), and for ages 7 to 16, for 1, 2, or 4 weeks. Set on a lake, amidst Texas's rugged mountains, Lonehollow is a great adventure camp: mountain biking and boarding, rock wall, hunter education, horseback riding, and so on. Plus, there are also activities as varied as woodworking, sewing, mad science, yoga, and hip hop dance.
Camp Longhorn
1 Camp Longhorn Rd., Burnet
This has long been a go-to camp for generations of Texans, and while it's not fancy, it's tons of fun (case in point, a plane flies over campus and drops gum). Family run, Longhorn began with a single camp on the shores of Inks Lake in 1939, and then expanded to a second location, Indian Springs, which is in the woods of Texas Hill Country, situated on two private, spring-fed lakes. Their third camp, "C3," opens Summer 2016, and is also on Inks Lake, where the original camp is still located. All three camps share many of the same traditions and Longhorn's “Attawaytogo” spirit, i.e. an excitement to try new and different activities. The first Inks Lake location and Indian Springs have two- and three-week terms, and C3 crunches the same experience into one week. For 2nd through 10th graders.
1005 FM 1340, Hunt
Founded in 1926, Waldemar is a beloved all-girls camp set in the Texas foot hills along the Guadalupe River. It's stunning. And so popular that it's hard to get into it—this is going to sound crazy, but parents actually sign their kids up when they're born. Every girl is a member of a tribe, and earns points for her tribe throughout camp for everything from good manners to field day victories (on the final day, a tribe winner is announced). The girls live in stone kampongs, which is a South Sea Island word for a house on stilts. And activities are divided into water sports, land sports, and the arts. Girls between 4th and 11th grade can attend one of Waldemar's two month-long sessions. There is also a shorter, one-week term for girls entering 2nd through 5th grade.
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