12South Shops

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goop MRKT
2707 12th Ave S., 12South
When we planned goop MRKT’s arrival in Nashville, we knew one thing: We had to bring our A game. Sure, she’s a welcoming city with a unique brand of Southern charm, but we know a cool girl when we see one, so we dressed to impress. The goal? A space that reflects Nashville’s edgy, creative nature through the lens of goop. The result? Our Nashville pop-up is the first IRL goop outpost with a communal space for lounging, sipping matcha, and meeting up with friends for crystal swapping and conversation. In designing the space, NYC-based Reunion Goods & Services left plenty of room for a Nashville-inspired shopping edit. Eriness’s edgy pavé diamond-speckled jewelry over there. The fall collections from G. Label and La DoubleJ and Hangai linens in the home shop over here. And over by sexual wellness: the Smile Makers (you’ll see). With no intention of washing away the city’s grit—au contraire, our goal is to absorb as much as we can—we brought the clean beauty shop with us and fancied it up with an in-store apothecary (sink conducive to sampling included). Stock up on the all-stars: Dr.…
Draper James
2608 12th Ave. S, 12South
If you've spent any time perusing the website of Reese Witherspoon's quintessentially Southern lifestyle brand, you'll pretty much know what to expect in the store. Located on 12South, a well-known shopping area, it immediately draws you in with blue-and-white-striped awnings and perennially colorful windows. Once you make it through the shiny navy lacquered doors, you'll find bold floral prints, preppy stripes, and cheeky home goods, like their signature "Totes, Y'all" bags. It's the perfect place to pick up Southern-inspired souvenirs for friends or a cute party dress.
Imogene + Willie
2601 12th Ave. S, 12South
Hailing from Henderson, Kentucky, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson—childhood friends and now a married couple—worked together in Carrie’s family business, developing denim collections for brands like Rogan, Earnest Sewn, Seven, J.Brand, etc. They moved to Nashville in May 2009 and opened a magical store that we were lucky to visit. The store sells handpicked denim from select brands like A.P.C., choice vintage pieces like cowboy leather jackets and boots, scarves hand-dyed by Carrie’s brother in India, and Imogene + Willie brand bespoke jeans, made of tough denim that you have to work into. After a few months, they guarantee you will have a soft pair that fits you and only you and bears the marks of your wear. (For the less hard-core denim buyers, you can also purchase a pre-softened, pre-“lived-in” pair.)
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