Nashville Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack
123 Ewing Dr., Cobblestone Corners
This requires a long wait, but the fried chicken is worth it. It comes in four levels of hotness—mild to extra-hot—and they don't mess around. One of our team suffered the consequences for the entire evening after. The shack, and yes, it’s a shack, is open late but be prepared to wait up to forty-five minutes for an order since it's all made fresh and comes straight from the teeny kitchen in the back. You can also call and place your order in advance, or visit their second location on Nolensville Pike.
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate
1628 Fatherland St., Lockeland Springs
Scott Witherow started this chocolate factory in 2009 after three years of gathering machines, cacao beans, and parts from all over the world. The chocolate itself is some of the most flavorful we’ve ever experienced and the combinations are amazing. The day we were there, Scott was excited about a new variety he’d made with Dominican beans. It was really unusual and the cacao itself had a fruity taste. The cinnamon chili chocolate is the best interpretation we’ve tried of Mexican chocolate and beware of the espresso chocolate—delicious, but one piece is like a potent doppio espresso. Each wrapper’s design, is, like the chocolate inside, exquisite.