Nashville Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
High Garden Tea (Closed)
935A Woodland St., Five Points
Leah and Joel Laravell are longtime herb and tea obsessives and the partners behind High Garden Tea. Leah brews her own tonics and tinctures inspired by old Appalachian remedies, and the rustic, cabin-style shop is the kind of place where you want to linger for hours (something the Laravells heartily encourage). Shelves and counters are stocked with herbs, spices, and whole-leaf teas, and everything is sourced from organic and ethically wildcrafted sources. There are also house-made kombucha and cactus kefir available, and the owners host monthly workshops for those looking to learn about herbalism, tinctures, and the simple beauty of a good cup of tea.
Five Daughters Bakery
1110 Caruthers Ave., 12South
Between raising a family (they actually do have five daughters) and growing their small business, Five Daughters owners Isaac and Stephanie Meek definitely have their hands full. Isaac comes from a family of bakers—his grandfather baked cakes and his father owned a pizza shop—and he's made this fledgling bakery famous for a 100-layer donut, which tastes like an overly decadent cronut and takes three days to make. Between those magnificent creations and their sister sweets, like paleo donuts (grain, dairy, and sugar-free) and arguably the best cupcakes in town, it's no surprise that they sell out both here and at their Franklin and East Nashville locations, every day.
Proper Bagel
2011 Belmont Blvd., Belmont
It's generally difficult to get good bagels outside New York City, and Nashville was no exception to this rule until Proper Bagel came along in 2017—the bagels consistently garner out-the-door lines. The crisp, black-and-white, subway-tiled space is filled mostly with several large deli counters, where you can order everything from lox to a bacon-egg-and-cheese to a classic bagel with schmear. Bookmark it for hangover days, which are an all-too-common occurrence in this late-night town.
15 Hermitage Ave., Downtown
These specialty coffee roasters (they roast their own beans in the back of their shop) can be found all over Nashville, but their brick-and-mortar is more than worth a visit. The bright, white-washed cafe is outfitted with free WiFi and the requisite hipster crowd, and there's also a wide front porch that offers an excellent view of the downtown skyline. All of the espresso drinks are excellent, as are the avocado and ricotta toasts. It's a no-brainer if you need a cozy desk to hunker down with your computer for a few hours.