Södermalm Restaurants

Establishment neighborhood
Hornsgatan 39, Södermalm
Stockholm has in recent years experienced a wave of new cultural diversity, benefitting the food scene enormously. Falafelbaren is one of those under-the-radar spots the locals are desperate to keep secret. The menu is mostly vegan, the kombucha is great, and the falafel is the best in the city. All the pita used is sourdough-based and baked in a traditional stone oven. Don’t order anything without getting one or both of Falafelbaren’s ridiculously good sauces on top—the skhug is chili, garlic, and spices, and the amba (our favorite) is pickled mango and fenugreek.
Nytorget 6
Nytorget 6, Södermalm
Södermalm is essentially Stockholm’s Williamsburg or Silver Lake equivalent, and similarly, the food offering does not disappoint. Nytorget 6 is an urban deli that’s open all day, but it’s their breakfast that’s really worth going for. The menu is long and has everything from an assortment of toasts and croissants (try one with Nutella), to the creamiest oatmeal with apple compote. The walls are dark wood-paneled, the sofas are red leather, the tables are marble-topped, and the food is good—really good.