Vila de Gràcia

Establishment neighborhood
Tia Santa
337 Carrer de Còrsega, Vila de Gràcia
Not many restaurant menus come with their own legend-purple for soy, beige for gluten, etc. But Tia Santa not only comes with a legend for navigating its menu, it comes with an incredibly thorough one. (Celery is green, mustard is yellow, and vegetarian dishes that can be adapted for vegans is denoted with two leaves in gradations of green. You get the idea.) In case it's not apparent, the restaurant, which translates loosely to "holy aunt," puts a premium on all things sustainable, organic, and healthy. But-to mix a metaphor-that's all just the icing. The real reason to come is that that, in a city of jamon this and queso that, the food is as unexpected as it is delicious.