Sant Pere

Establishment neighborhood
Museu Picasso
15-23 Carrer Montcada, Sant Pere
The downside to going to the Picasso museum in Barcelona is you're likely to run into a line. (Although you can purchase tickets online to cut down on waiting time.) But for Picasso and art lovers, the museum affords a unique look at the artist's early work, which makes sense given that Picasso spent his formative years here in Barcelona. The museum setting itself also feels special—Museu Picasso is housed in five Catalan-gothic palaces with central courtyards and open-air staircases that date back to the 13th- to 15th-centuries.
Vila Viniteca
7 Carrer dels Agullers, Sant Pere
A major Spanish wine distributor, Vila Viniteca opened in 1932 and is now a third generation family-run business. For a really good selection of both local and international wines, head to their shop on Agullers. And, FYI, if you're looking to pick up food as well, Vila Viniteca's gourmet grocery store, which stocks small bites, cheeses, and cooked meats, is conveniently located next door. (Also to note: Vilia Vinetca has another, smaller wine outpost in the shopping mall, L'illa Diagonal.)