Lisbon Activities

Establishment neighborhood
Shopping on Avenida de Liberdade
Avenida de Liberdade
What Rodeo Drive and Michigan Avenue are to Los Angeles and Chicago, Avenida de Liberdade is to Lisbon—except, because it's Lisbon, you'll get to soak in some beautiful 19-century architecture along the way. In addition to Gucci, Cartier, and Carolina Herrera—among many others—you'll also walk by Fashion Clinic (where you can find (Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Prada, etc.), located along the more than half-mile stretch, which connects Restauradores Square to Marquis of Pombal Square.
Palácio Chiado
70 Rua do Alecrim, Bairro Alto
Entrepreneurs and brothers Duarte Cardoso Pinto and Gustavo and António Paulo Duarte bought Palácio Chiado in 2014, when the 18th-century palace sat in empty disrepair. Over the course of almost two years, they carefully restored the place, breathing new life into the gold-leaf chandeliers, elaborate frescoes and stucco work, and stained glass windows to make a home for their upscale food court program: A series of restaurants and bars spread out over the full two floors of the space. It's worth visiting for the building alone, but the food is deserving of the setting—we like Delisbon for exhaustively sourced charcuterie and cheese, and Local Chiado for locally sourced, veggie-forward quinoa bowls and sugar-free desserts. If you like fish, try Bacalhau Lisboa, a Portuguese spot that serves traditional iterations of codfish the same way it's been cooked here for generations. There's also a bar and a more formal restaurant for a sit-down dining experience.
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
Praça do Império, Belém
Secular since the 1800's, Jerónimos Monastery is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the incredible Manueline-style architecture, all done in limestone over the course of more than one hundred years. It's a required tourist destination because it's so photogenic (sculptures and intricate design elements are carved into every detail), but the grounds are enormous, so particularly if you come by on a weekday, you'll have plenty of moments to yourself. Photos: Paulo Valdivieso, Shadowgate
Harfang Spirit Sailboat Tours
Doca do Espanhol, Alcântara
The Portuguese have always been a seafaring people, and the tradition is alive and well at Harfang, a sailing concession owned and operated by Nuno Alexandre, an Olympic-class sailor, and his partner Carol. The duo provides breathtaking cruises along the Atlantic coast in their forty-four-foot Dufour yacht; you can watch dolphins surf the swells from the spacious deck, relax, and enjoy some snacks in one of the yacht's three cabins, or take up a personal sailing lesson.
16 Rua dos Douradores, Baixa
Leaning into being a tourist (or playing tourist in your own city for a day) can be extremely entertaining. Such is the case with GoCar's cool take on the common city tour: a talking, GPS-guided go-cart vehicle that takes you around the big—as well as some lesser known—sights of Lisbon. Following the suggested routes laid out for you is simple, as is making an unplanned pit stop for photos, or veering off to do more of your own thing. Each car fits two people (the driver must be at least twenty-one years old, but kids can ride shotgun); small groups and families can reserve a mini fleet of their own.
LX Factory
103 Rua Rodrigues de Faria, Alcantara
This creative mini-neighborhood, where you can wander through restaurants, cafes, shops, and design studios occupies a heavily graffiti-ed industrial site. A hangout and workspace for members of Lisbon's vibrant creative crowd, it's also a nice repose from the more touristic parts of town. The Ler Devagar bookstore, which makes up the central hub of the development, is built around a two-story printing press and features floor-to-ceiling shelves of books.