Society Hill

Establishment neighborhood
Talula’s Garden
210 W. Washington Sq., Society Hill
While there’s plenty of indoor seating, as its name suggests, the place to be is in the garden—twinkling lights and pockets of lush greenery throughout. The only thing more whimsical than the setting is the farm-to-table menu, from deviled eggs three ways for brunch (topped with pickled beets, fresh crab, and bacon) to sustainably sourced salmon tabbouleh for dinner. Also important: the wine and cheese selection is arguably the best in the city.
Talula’s Daily
208 W. Washington Sq., Society Hill
This casual sit-down spot in Washington Square is big with the lunch crowd with its made-to-order sandwiches, pastas, and salads. (There are plenty of vegetarian and pescatarian-friendly options, too, plus a great selection of takeaway.) While it’s a solid choice if you need something quick, it’s also worth securing a table at dinner for their intimate 30-seat nightly supper club—the $55 tasting menu bets big on seasonal produce and freshly-caught fish. Recent menu highlights include a sweet potato soup with ginger marshmallow, duck salad, and—wait for it—lavender polenta cake with rosemary ice cream.
Headhouse Farmers Market
S. 2nd and Lombard St., Society Hill
This year-round farmers' market features more than 40 local vendors offering some of the best produce from the surrounding area. Located in the historic Society Hill neighborhood and Run by The Food Trust, a Philly-based non-profit that works to make fresh, healthy food accessible in the city, this is one of Philly's largest and most popular markets. There's also several food trucks–including on not-to-be-missed lemonade stand–parked within the mix.