Downtown Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
1205 S.W. Washington St., Downtown
This restaurant is named for a salumi made from backfat, which is appropriate, as the entire menu is really an ode to pork from the meatball banh mi to the pastrami cheeseburger to the french fries (which are made with pork fat). Part of the charm of the place, too, is that it’s such a Portland story: started as a food cart, check, adventurous foodie menu, check, enormous craft beer list, check. There are locations on both sides of the river—in addition to this location, they're in Northeast Portland and on Hawthorne.
KURE Juice Bar
518 S.W. Taylor St., Downtown
Like so many good casual spots, Kure started out as a food cart—when the lines got out of control, the owners knew it was time to expand into brick-and-mortar. The menu is full of fresh-tasting acai bowls and smoothies, along with a healthy selection of cold-pressed juices and other healthy eats, like oatmeal and matcha (the West End location actually has some heartier lunch options, too, like salads and quinoa bowls). Astonishingly (and awesomely), 90% of the ingredients used in their products are grown or made in Portland. There are locations in almost every neighborhood: West End, SE Division, Hawthorne, and Moda Center.