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Dana Childs
[email protected]
A lot of empaths carry the burden of having to take in whatever kind of energy comes their way, including negative, toxic, and chaotic ones. And if you don’t understand how to set boundaries, this power can quickly become draining, as Dana Childs knows. Childs is an intuitive, an energy healer, and a now-retired medium. She used to feel the trauma of every death when she contacted the departed. So these days she’s mostly a teacher who leads workshops and retreats on developing your intuition, and her online course, the Empowered Empath, helps people with strong empathy get better at protecting themselves from unwanted energy and learn how to use their gifts more wisely.
Shankara Ayurveda Spa
639 Whispering Hills Rd., Boone
This super authentic Ayurvedic spa and retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains is both rustic and luxe. Everything here, from the cooking classes to the yoga sessions, aligns with Ayurvedic principles. The beyond amazing, recently renovated spa has tons of different treatments, but we like the Signature Facial. All of the nourishing products are made on the premises and work to bring harmony to your doshas. Bonus: You can add on a warm-oil scalp massage to any treatment.
Katie Beecher
Katie Beecher is a medical intuitive, meaning that a reading with her typically revolves around chakra imbalances and their resultant symptoms. Before a reading, she e-mails over an eerily accurate document and painting, which illustrates exactly what's going on with your body, and then talks you through what she has found, with concrete steps to take next (including vitamin and supplement recommendations, as well as tests to request from your doctor). What's nice is that her readings have a heavy dose of spiritual insight, too, which goes straight to what's going on in your emotional life. Katie has a BS in Biology and Psychology, and a MS in Counseling, with a particular interest in Carl Jung. She does a majority of her consultations by phone.