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Farm-to-Fete, delivered
Since 2015, Lexi Ritch and Louisa Young have gained a following on the Hamptons with the launch of their farm-fresh (and vintage chic) food truck business, Hamptons Aristocrat. Now the health-conscious duo is upping the ante by delivering their locally sourced recipes directly to our doors. Farm-to-Fete, delivered offers a full menu of ready-to-eat organic meals served on custom wooden boards. With a menu fit for all diets, the service caters to a variety of summer events, from intimate dinner parties to weddings and holiday fetes.
Hampton Hopper
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It's notoriously difficult to get around the Hamptons, as taxis are few and far between and Ubers aren't as reliable as we'd like. Given those facts, Hampton Hopper has the potential to be a major game-changer. The buses are on a loop from Hampton Bays to Montauk and back (there's an express service, too), and they can be tracked live on the app, so you'll know exactly when they're arriving. It's $20 for a full-day pass—which, when you think about the price of cabs around these parts, sounds awfully reasonable.
Driver On Tap
With houses so spread out and few drivers available, it's no secret that hailing an Uber is an imperfect science in the Hamptons. But App DriverOnTap is an ingenious solution to that problem: Their drivers can be summoned via the App at any hour, but instead of picking you up in their car, they'll drive you home in yours. The whole process is surprisingly seamless, and offers a brilliant workaround when you've had one too many but the car is parked somewhere it shouldn't stay overnight.