Amagansett Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Amber Waves Farm
367 Main St., Amagansett
Katie and Amanda established their Amagansett organic farm in 2009. Among their crops is their wheat, which they harvest and sell in wheat berry form or mill on the spot for their customers at the Montauk farmers' market. They’ve taken it one step further by partnering with a local baker to make their very own bread. Having reintroduced wheat into the East End, they’ve literally reinvented the meaning of “local bread.” They've got a great CSA, plus a sophisticated education program that teaches kids about growing food. If you're not in town long enough for the CSA, pick up their produce at the farmers' market, or from their farm stand.
Amagansett Farmers’ Market
367 Main St., Amagansett
The Amagansett farmers' market, which occupies a beautiful series of old stalls near downtown, has transferred ownership a few times in the past few years, so we couldn't be more excited that it's finally found a home with Amanda and Katie of Amber Waves Farm. You'll be able to pick up their amazing produce right on-site, and they'll also have dry goods, cheeses, iced coffee, some prepared foods. Don't forget to pick up a bouquet on your way out.
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