The Hamptons Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Wishbone Farms (Closed)
54 Hampton Rd., Southampton
Wishbone Farms is the gourmet food store we all wish for in our neighborhoods. The weekend boxes (filled with all the bites and sauces you need to rustle up a barbecue or breakfast spread at home) are a great fix if you have guests coming over. Self-described as a “market-to-fridge” concept, their little in-store café is packed with restaurant-quality prepared foods, baked goods, and excellent iced coffees. Images courtesy of Sean Zanni.
La Ferme Farmstand (Closed)
139 Pantigo Rd., East Hampton
At its heart, this slice of Long Island is a farming community; not taking advantage of the fresher-than-fresh produce would be a mistake. New York’s produce pop-up Alimentari Flâneur has gone back to its source with La Ferme Farmstand at Bhumi Farms. The idea behind the stand is to showcase fruits and vegetables you don’t see every day, things like barhi dates still on the vine. Expect vegan snacks from Dada Daily and regular appearances from partners like Scarr’s Pizza. Images courtesy of Sise Drummond.
Il Buco Vita
225 Main St., Amagansett
If you’ve ever returned from Rome with a suitcase devoted entirely to Italianate tabletop accessories and tablecloths, Il Buco Vita is for you. The Il Buco group has expanded beyond Manhattan with a new restaurant in the Hamptons, alongside this café-meets-homeware mecca. Get going with an espresso from the cute café in the store doorway before loading your basket with glasses, trays, and ceramics from Italian producers, plus some classic treasures from John Derian.
Cook Space Pop-Ups (Closed)
North Fork
We have a lot of time for Cook Space as a place to both learn new knife skills and decompress after long weeks. Spending an evening in its beautiful, airy Prospect Heights space preparing meals under the encouraging eye of the chef-teachers and getting to eat the spoils (minus the cleanup) is pretty high on our what-to-do-on-Thursday-nights list. The team is bringing their exceptional brand of culinary know-how to the North Fork this summer with a series of pop-ups that might include foraging along the bluffs, an immersive tutorial on cooking with liquors—brines, sauces, glazes—at the Lin Beach House, farm tours that end with feasts, and how-to-build-the-perfect-picnic workshops. Sign us up.