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90 W 3rd St, West Village
Springbone brings the often-perceived-as-niche cult of bone broth into the mainstream with their clean, minimalistic hole-in-the-wall space in the West Village. The menu is a nice mix of "drinking broths" (literally mugs of broth that you drink like you would a hot tea), and actual meals incorporating the broth in some way (chicken and rice, meatballs). Don't knock it 'til you've tried it: drinking hot, savory broth is not only like a hug in a cup, it's also an incredible pick-me-up alternative to tea or coffee that you can enjoy on the go. (Although, Springbone's drinks menu is pretty solid with matcha, Chaga tea, smoothies, and a particularly delicious riff on healthy hot chocolate spiked with a little reishi and cinnamon on offer). Our favorite cup of broth is unquestionably the liquid gold—a turmeric spiked chicken and coconut milk soup—warming, healthy, and flavorsome.
Clover Grocery
259 6th Ave, New York
This newly-opened market marries two of our favorite sensibilities: chic design and clean eating, a duo that is an extension of its sister restaurant, Café Clover (located on the same block). We love it for grabbing a kombucha or organic almond milk on-the-go–or, perhaps even better, perusing the refrigerator for ready-made selections from the café, including its sprouted rye berry bowl and fresh gazpacho. With several well-stocked shelves offering pantry staples like soaps to sea salt to gluten-free flours from familiar names like Sun Potion and Moon Juice, this is like your favorite neighborhood market, only better.
Dominique Ansel Kitchen
137 Seventh Ave., West Village
Dominique Ansel Kitchen (sorry, no cronuts here) lends the same magic that makes open kitchens so appealing in a restaurant environment to a bakery, meaning you can watch pastry chefs construct the elaborate, brownies, Pavlovas, tarts, and a handful of savory dishes (the croque monsieur is the epitome of decadence), from scratch, right as you order them. The soft-serve window is where you’ll find Ansel’s interpretation of the ice cream sundae: A heaping pile of whole-milk soft serve in very Ansel-like flavors, like fresh burrata and salt-and-pepper caramel, sprinkled with toppings and served in a fresh, buttery cone. As of now, the window is operating Friday through Sunday only.
Van Leeuwen
152 W. 10th St., West Village
Whether you’ve had Van Leeuwen on the streets of Brooklyn or parked up on Abbot Kinney, it’s instantly recognizable by its sunny yellow truck. They’re particularly famous for their vegan ice cream, a combination of cashew milk, coconut milk, cocoa butter, and carob beans that’s incredibly creamy and indulgent (and a major victory for the dairy-sensitive). They’ve got a few locations now: Greenpoint, Boerum Hill, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn; the East and West Villages in Manhattan; and the Arts District and Culver City in LA. You can always track their many food trucks on their website.
O Cafe
482 6th Ave., Greenwich Village
Good Brazilian pão de queijo is weirdly hard to come by in the city, but anyone who's had a taste of these gluten-free cheesy puffs will tell you that sniffing them out is a worthwhile cause. Not only does this Greenwich Village café churn out really good Brazilian pastries; it also sources coffee almost exclusively from Brazil, South America, and Africa. What’s more, the space itself is comfortable and welcoming, so you never feel like you and your laptop are unwanted.
Toby’s Estate
44 Charles St., West Village
This is one of few places around that roasts their own beans, which are responsibly sourced from all over the globe. Meanwhile all four Toby's Estate locations (the other three are spread out between Williamsburg, Flatiron, and Midtown) are consistently simple and comfortable in design—think communal tables, couches, and excellent lighting. Yes, it's a great set-up for work, but also worth stopping by on your day off for a simple and hearty lunch. (They also offer a random assortment of classes in everything from art to cupping.)
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