Union Square

Establishment neighborhood
2 E 15th St., Union Square
This stunning wellness studio is 13,000 square feet of soothing neutrals and light toned woods. We love the airy wellness cafe, and the seemingly unlimited menu treatments. The facials are some of the best in the city; their signature one, a totally custom, 90-minute experience, incorporates the LYMA laser and a series of Biologique Recherche products to cleanse, soothe, and hydrate. Plus, you bring home a personalized routine recommended by one of their master estheticians.
Union Square Greenmarket
W &, E 17th St., Union Square
The farmers and various purveyors who make up New York’s beloved Union Square Greenmarket are taking great care in adapting to the current situation. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday the market’s meticulous website and app are updated with that day's sellers and relevant information. Several producers are offering preorder and pickup options plus some home delivery (click here for a comprehensive list and contact info). Support farmers and others who go to great lengths to produce quality food and place an order.
The Yinova Center
37 W. 17th St., Union Square
goop goes way back with Jill Blakeway, the clinical herbalist behind Yinova: She taught us about harnessing energy in the body and other surprising therapies in this Q&A, and we go back over and over to Yinova, an acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice that has the inviting aura of a cozy living room and the sleek tranquility of an airy spa, whenever we’re in NYC. For one, it’s not every acupuncture practice in New York City (there’s also a Brooklyn Heights location) that has a built-in Chinese medicine apothecary on-site: the plush chairs and couches in the waiting room face shelves full of potions, tinctures, and elegant jars of health-supporting Chinese herbal blends. For another, Blakeway, who specializes in reproductive health and was named one of the best acupuncturists is Manhattan by The New York Times, brilliantly blends Chinese medicine with modern biomedicine. And Blakeway’s team of acupuncturists, health practitioners, and massage therapists are friendly, skilled, and wonderful at demystifying what they do for anyone new to acupuncture and integrative medicine.
Union Square Cafe
101 E. 19th St., Union Square
The iconic Union Square Cafe moved from its namesake location to the corner of 19th and Park two years ago. The new space has all the charm of the original—subtle furnishings, great art, and the best service in New York City—but with more room, and more importantly, more barstools. This is one of those Danny Meyer establishments you can always rely on for a solid, even excellent, supper. A plate of Bibb and red oak leaf lettuces with a mustardy vinaigrette fools us into a healthy start every time. Following with those perfect knuckles of ricotta gnocchi in tomato sauce and ending with the banana tart is an order we rarely deviate from. Even people who hate bananas love this tart, improved only by the accompaniment of a glass of Sauternes. Trust.
Ling New York
61 E 11th St., Union Square
Founder Ling Chan has an incredibly healing touch (she got one goop editor’s breakouts significantly under control), and her menu of facials addresses absolutely every concern, especially congestion. With organic malic acid peels, careful extractions, LED light, and soothing ginseng moisture therapy, Chan and her team restore balance to stressed skin holistically. The whole experience is heightened by the beautiful kimono they give you to wear in place of the usual sterile white robe. There’s also a Facials Bar, where clients can get under-an-hour treatments like the Collagen Eye Mask and Radio Frequency Face Lift.
Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.
25 E. 17th St., Union Square
Assistant district attorney Chloe Epstein’s pregnancy had her craving ice cream—but a quick look at the nutritional label left her concerned with what she was feeding herself and her future child. She started to experiment with making her own at home, and settled on a satisfying recipe with only three ingredients—fruit, water, and organic cane sugar. Now a full time glacier, the flagship store has classic flavors like dark chocolate and strawberry, plus great seasonal options and sweet and savory toppings like gluten-free gingersnaps, fresh fruit, and warm peanut butter sauce.
38 E. 19th St., Union Square
It's no secret that we love Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's ABC Kitchen, along with the rest of the world—and his adjacent and very new restaurant abcV, which employs the same GMO-free, sustainable ethos to an equally stunning effect—is certainly no exception. With a breakfast service that starts at 8am, abcV offers everything from omega seed butter shakes with raw almond milk, wild blueberry, hemp, chia and dates, to gluten-free almond pancakes, to lunch and dinner menus that boast incredible and varied plant-based dishes, there's really something for everyone. While you can still power-lunch in the back, you can also order takeout, or sit at the bar; if fresh-pressed juice, wellness tonics (which feature adaptogens, rhodiola, and ashwagandha), or kombucha aren't your thing, they have a cocktail menu, too.
TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie
21 E. 16th St., Union Square
Don’t let the fact that TsuruTonTan is a big chain in Japan steer you away: this noodle brasserie, which just opened its first US location here in Union Square, is serious about noodles. And not just any noodles, but udon noodles, which they make from scratch in-house every day and feature in bowls ranging from mushroom and egg to shrimp tempura with anago to their infamous mentaiko caviar offering. Don’t get too attached to anything, though: they switch up the menu regularly, offering more than thirty udon options at a time.