Tribeca Health & Beauty

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65 Reade St., Tribeca
Models flock to the Tribeca studio of facialist Eileen Feighny della Faille, who’s made a name for herself with skin-clearing, Korean-style facials. A session with Feighny della Faille lasts a full two hours and involves a detoxifying, grounding, pampering, skin-rehabbing sequence of extractions, aromatherapy, radiofrequency, ice therapy, customized herbal masks, LED light, and more. If you can’t get in to see her—she’s often has a wait list—follow her best skin tip: Give yourself a face massage as often as you can. “Face massage is so important,” she says. “Massage your products in at every step in your routine, for lymphatic drainage, stimulating skin, and giving that energized, healthy glow.”
The Class by Taryn Toomey
22 Park Pl., Tribeca
“The Class” is a workout like no other: People regularly laugh, cry, and scream during it, so intense is the release (not to mention the workout itself). Developed by former Dior exec Taryn Toomey, the 75-minute session is an exhilarating mix of yoga, aerobics, and strength training as well as chanting and mental work). In addition to sculpted muscles (Toomey’s incredible body is the best advertisement) and an excellent dose of cardio, the aim is to free yourself from “the sludge,” as Toomey says, meaning everything that weighs you down, both emotionally and physically.
ONDA Beauty
117 West Broadway, Tribeca
Larissa Thomson was a fashion editor in her previous life, so her take on clean beauty is one of the more gorgeous we’ve ever seen. Everything from Vintner’s Daughter and Tammy Fender to True Botanicals and…goop skin care is beautifully laid out and easy to shop for. The treatment rooms are stunning—we want the wallpaper, the mirrors, everything. And the treatments themselves (there are four signature facials) are next-level and nourish, detoxify, and tighten pores with transformative therapies like microcurrent, intense facial massage, and microneedling.
Sky Ting Yoga
381 West Broadway, Tribeca
While we loved the original Chinatown location, Sky Ting's second space in Tribeca is as dreamy a spot to shop as it is to workout. The merch spans adaptogenic powders from Moon Juice, products from health mecca CAP Beauty, and one of our favorite newer beauty lines Benshen (founded by fashion journalist turned yogi Desirée Pais, who, frustrated with the market started whipping up herbal skin care in her kitchen). Aside from the roster of yoga classes (for those of us working all-day al-desko, try the restorative class for deep hip openers and stretching), this new airy space has the added benefit of a built-in infrared sauna to maximize the post-sweat glow.
27 Barclay St., Tribeca
Not your run-of-the-mill intuitive, certified herbalist Deganit Nuur uses acupuncture, essential oils, and cupping to open the meridians before every reading, which means that sessions are restorative on multiple levels. Her readings are spot-on—and you might not see it coming. Nuur’s personality is so easygoing and bubbly, it at first feels like you’re settling in for a light chat. But when she starts channeling, it’s ka-pow. These days, it's easier to book Nuur for a virtual session than in-person, but if you're regularly in NYC or in LA, a session with Nuur at either of her Four Seasons' practices is life-changing.
The Class
22 Park Place, 3rd Floor, Tribeca
This is one of those fitness situations that evades basic definition: Started by Taryn Toomey, it's a self-titled cathartic experience, where you spend 75 minutes engaging in intense movement to “break open and activate ‘stagnant’ layers in the body.” In short you move, and scream, and shake, and yell as you release emotional energy–and get a pretty incredible workout in the process. It requires an open mind and a willing spirit. Photo Credit: Jaimie Baird