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Laura Lefkowitz, M.D.
After recently relocating to Florida, Dr. Lefkowitz's patients refused to move on, and so she continues to do consultations by Skype. Focusing on nutritional medicine, Dr. Lefkowitz changed medical career plans after she gained a significant amount of weight during her residency, and realized she shouldn't be taking care of patients if she couldn't take care of herself. That, and some early breakthroughs treating PCOS in women, solidified her path. Whether it's weight loss, chronic inflammation, or feelings of general malaise, Dr. Lefkowitz can likely get to the bottom of it.
We’re pretty sold on this concept: Namaste, a self-titled “wellness concierge,” will send massage therapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and the like to your home or hotel room through one quick email or text—even for same-day, last-minute appointments, or corporate retreats. They’ve spent more than a decade looking for the best practitioners around, a rolodex rigor that means you won’t be disappointed. Prices are commensurate with what you’d pay in a nice spa ($150-$250/hr), but with the convenience of an at-home treatment. They currently serve New York, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Aspen, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—plus, all the corresponding ‘burbs. If this is the wellness model of the future, we've got a lot to look forward to.