Establishment neighborhood
Madalaina Conti
400 Park Ave. South 32C, NoMad
Every facial from Madalaina Conti really delivers. The esthetician specializes in inflammatory skin conditions and integrated wellness, so her treatments incorporate modalities ranging from gua sha to radiofrequency, microcurrent, buccal massage, and more. She’s best known for the Synergistic Signature Qi Facial, a treatment that uses 24K gold-plated micro magnets to create an electromagnetic matrix that helps sculpt, depuff, and repair. It’s brilliant for all skin types, but especially fantastic if you’ve got sensitive or blemish-prone skin.
Le Parlour
245 Fifth Ave. Ste 12, 3rd floor, Nomad
This Black- and woman-owned spa is known for its almost-unbelievable results, whether you’re getting a basic microdermabrasion or a more serious laser treatment. The secret? The staff personalizes a plan for every client, to tackle truly any skin issue. It’s sleek and modern and filled with high tech tools in a way that feels very French (the founder was inspired by her time living in Paris). You leave with clearer, smoother skin and more informed about skin than ever.
Maman Nomad
22 W. 25th St., Nomad
If you've visited Marché Maman, or one of the other Maman cafés, you're familiar with founders Benjamin Sormonte and Elisa Marshall's talent for creating utterly chic, French-inspired spaces you want to live in. Their latest outpost, Maman Nomad, checks all these boxes. The first uptown presence for the duo, the gorgeous café and restaurant serve up decadent lunch and brunch options, including healthy homemade soups and quiches, plus their famous nutty chocolate chip cookies. Go for a relaxed brunch or afternoon coffee–or, in a pinch, grab something to go.
Sundays Nail Studio
51 E. 25th St., Nomad
The manicures and pedicures here are consistently good—spectacularly shiny for days, crisply applied, plus the brand’s eponymous line of clean, non-toxic (vegan and 10-free!) polishes has the best colors. The restorative treatments—the heavenly 3-in-1 Guided Meditation + Hand Treatment combines a manicure, essential-oil massage, and meditation, while the supremely pampering Rose Extract Anti-Aging Hand Treatment mixes a coconut-milk soak infused with rose petals, aromatherapy massage, and manicure. (The Rose Extract Anti-Aging Foot Treatment is just as reviving.) The studio itself is hygge central—airy, sleek-yet-cozy, potted-plant adorned—a place where we’d happily while away the day.
Tony Leroy
1115 Broadway, Nomad
Besides being a gifted intuitive who is particularly helpful around questions of life path and purpose, though he is very forthright about the fact that that life path might not have shortcuts. He does monthly group workshops in New York focused on everything from guided meditation to group intuitive work (often, each attendee emerges with a drawing of how Tony sees your energetic body that you may as well frame and hang), and he comes to Los Angeles about four times a year to deliver the same.
Lacanche Ranges-Art Culinaire
1133 Broadway, Nomad
While this classic, family-owned company is based in France, they actually have three showrooms in the United States (New York, Los Angeles, and Washington). All of their gorgeous ranges are handmade in Burgundy, and completely customizable: Cooks can choose gas, electric, or convection ovens, customize the number of burners and width of the range, and pick between 24 different finishes. Art Culinaire is also known for unbelievable customer service; their doting staff tends to every need from the beginning of the design process through the end of installation.
Dig Inn
1178 Broadway, Nomad
Dig Inn’s philosophy is “farm to counter,” which means that they serve sustainably sourced, usually local food in a casual setting and in a price range that makes it a reasonable option for everyday lunch. The salads and the market plates are easy to take back to the office (or home for dinner), and the menu changes with the seasons, so you won't ever be bored with the offerings. There are locations in Morningside Heights, Union Square, Tribeca, and in Midtown on 52nd, Madison, and 55th, in Lower Manhattan on Pine, Liberty, and Broad St., in Nomad, and off Madison Square Park.
225 5th Ave., Nomad
This fusion joint mixes Mexican cooking techniques with American barbecue, resulting in some unique twists on old favorites, like shrimp jambalaya enchiladas, or smoky carnitas. It’s a great spot for a quick lunch or dinner to-go, but we like it best for happy hour: Order some margaritas (or one of their excellent bourbon-based cocktails), Mexican corn, and the guacamole, which is served with watermelon radish chips. There are two locations, in Times Square and NoMad.