Midtown Restaurants

Establishment neighborhood
Dig Inn
275 Madison Ave., Midtown
Dig Inn’s philosophy is “farm to counter,” which means that they serve sustainably sourced, usually local food in a casual setting and in a price range that makes it a reasonable option for everyday lunch. The salads and the market plates are easy to take back to the office (or home for dinner), and the menu changes with the seasons, so you won't ever be bored with the offerings. There are locations in Morningside Heights, Union Square, Tribeca, and in Midtown on 52nd, Madison, and 55th, in Lower Manhattan on Pine, Liberty, and Broad St., in Nomad, and off Madison Square Park.
Brooklyn Diner
212 W. 57th St., Midtown
Considering the neon-covered exterior and old-school name, the atmosphere inside Brooklyn Diner is surprisingly fancy—after all, it's helmed by the award-winning Chef de Oliveira. That said, classic meals are definitely the standouts: The chicken soup, macaroni & cheese, and giant lunch salads are reliably great, and you’ll have to arrive early in the day if you want to have the chicken pot pie (they almost always run out). Expect a short wait if you forget to make a reservation. There are two locations in Midtown, on 57th and 43rd.
The 21 Club
21 W. 52nd St., Midtown
While there are several dining areas at the 21 Club, the most energetic by far is the Bar Room, where the ceiling is famously covered in toys donated by the club's famous regulars (they've hosted every president since FDR). But even in the bar, men have to comply with the dress code, which was only recently adjusted to allow men without neckties at lunch—you'll still need a jacket any time of day. The menu is classically American (the burger is actually really good), but it's much more about the atmosphere than the food.
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