Midtown Kids

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The Burger Joint
Le Parker Meridien, 119 W. 56th St., Midtown
Enter Midtown's Le Parker Meridien hotel to see the line looping through the lobby, leading to a black velvet curtain. There's a pretty epic burger joint on the other side. The line moves fast though, and once you're in, the menu is concise, written on the cardboard sign above the register. Order a burger (or grilled cheese) with "the works"—that's onions, relish, and the joint's own special sauce. With pen grafitti and old-school movie posters on the walls, and good classic rock on the stereo, it's a fun, kitschy experience through and through. They have a second stand-alone location in Greenwich Village.
Kinokuniya Bookstore
1073 Sixth Ave., Midtown
If you have a stationery or sticker addict on your hands, they’re going to freak. This Japanese mega-store facing Bryant Park is one of our favorite midtown oases, and a solid option for a quick sushi cafeteria-style lunch. There’s an entire floor dedicated to Japanese manga comic books, a solid selection of design books and international fashion magazines, but the basement is the main draw. There, aisle after aisle is stuffed with an incredible array of Japanese stationery goods—adorable pens, pencils, notebooks, and erasers to last a lifetime.