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VMV Hypoallergenics Skin-Specialist Boutique & Spa
227 Mott St., Lower East Side
If you have sensitive skin—and even if you don’t—this intimate little studio tucked away on Mott Street is especially compelling; all VMV products are derived from coconut oil sourced from the brand’s Philippines farm. The boutique in the front is brightly lit, cheery and staffed with knowledgeable, eager-to-assist employees. In the back is an atmospheric treatment room, where aestheticians perform some of the best facials around for balancing and fortifying troubled skin by way of intensely hydrating, soothing moisture therapies, as well as more-rigorous peels and microdermabrasion.
149 Essex St., Lower East Side
A sort of choose your own wellness adventure, this light, bright, Lower East Side spa has a luxe nail salon with 5-free options, massages, and a café all under one roof. Start your experience with an adaptogen-spiked turmeric latte (they have their own line of Chillblend powders to help you relax, energize, and detox) while you check out the nail-art menu that changes seasonally—we’re totally obsessed with the Matisse- and Yayoi Kusama-inspired designs. Massages range from the short Express (25 minutes of deep tissue work) to the more-intense, aptly named hourlong Chill Pill. Photos: Dillon Burke
Dayle Breault
Lower East Side
Anyone who gets a facial with Dayle Breault (who, aptly, also goes by Goddess of Skin) emerges with a gleam that extends, almost impossibly, into the next week. Whatever your issue—blemishes, dullness, uncomfortable dryness, sagging—Breault helps sooth, energize, and balance skin with a nurturing touch and variety of high-tech devices. Sessions with Breault are a beautiful, pampering haze; she even makes extractions feel luxurious. Layers of her nourishing products are massaged and smoothed in with her exceptional touch, and she often uses special microcurrent gloves that are truly next-level. “They enable me to use my hands to apply the current, as opposed to probes—it’s a more tactile experience for the patient, as well as for me,” she says. “I can really feel each muscle, it helps encourage manual lymphatic drainage.” Breault travels the world to learn about skin (she recently learned an amazing inside-of-the-mouth technique in Paris), and prizes vitamin C, peptides, and gentle exfoliation as the most important ingredients for a healthy-skin routine. We’re obsessed with how light, airy, and unburdened we feel walking out of her studio, not to mention how glowy we look. Call or…