Greenwich Village Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Le Dû’s Wines
600 Washington St., Greenwich Village
Le Dû’s Wines in the West Village is offering free shipping in the Tri-State area, which we’re interpreting as an invitation to splurge. Le Dû’s aims to make the often-daunting world of good wine more accessible, and its informative site reflects that credo. If you’re lost on where to begin, scroll down to the bestsellers and follow the pack. Otherwise, enjoy loading your cart with Chenin blanc and Provençal rosé for the hot summer days ahead.
90 W. 3rd St, Greenwich Village
Springbone brings the often-perceived-as-niche cult of bone broth into the mainstream with their clean, minimalistic hole-in-the-wall space in the West Village. The menu is a nice mix of "drinking broths" (literally mugs of broth that you drink like you would a hot tea), and actual meals incorporating the broth in some way (chicken and rice, meatballs). Don't knock it 'til you've tried it: drinking hot, savory broth is not only like a hug in a cup, it's also an incredible pick-me-up alternative to tea or coffee that you can enjoy on the go. (Although, Springbone's drinks menu is pretty solid with matcha, Chaga tea, smoothies, and a particularly delicious riff on healthy hot chocolate spiked with a little reishi and cinnamon on offer). Our favorite cup of broth is unquestionably the liquid gold—a turmeric spiked chicken and coconut milk soup—warming, healthy, and flavorsome.
by CHLOE. (Closed)
185 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village
Chloe Coscarelli was fresh out of culinary school when she won an episode of Cupcake Wars with a vegan cupcake recipe: She was the first person to do so on that show or any other televised cooking competition. She’s since opened a casual restaurant in the West Village (followed by others), with an adorable interior (striped wooden floors, colorful tiles, hanging swing) and a little fridge with pre-packaged food. While the menu is focused on smoothies, juices, and great vegan burgers, you can still pick up her famous cupcakes.
Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Closed)
30 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village
There are Stumptown locations in most major coffee-obsessed cities and each one has its own character. This one is housed in a historic Greenwich Village space that formerly belonged to the storied 8th Street Bookshop. The space has been reworked to accommodate an impressive coffee bar and plenty of tables without stripping it of charm. Keep in mind that while the drink menu has all the favorites and more, there isn’t much on offer in terms of food. Visit the second location in the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron District.
Organic Avenue (Closed)
62 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village
Organic Avenue debuted in 2002, and the results of their five-day juice programs were pretty amazing, plus their juices and smoothies (especially the coconut mylk blends) were so delicious that we'd stock up on them whenever we were in town. They sadly shut down at the end of 2015, but recently reopened a handful of locations in NYC. In addition to juices, they offer healthy prepared foods, making it a good choice for a quick lunch.