Greenwich Village Shops

Establishment neighborhood
St. Frank Manhattan (Closed)
373 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village
With a dedication to holistically supporting individuals and communities in under-resourced, low- and middle-income countries, St. Frank is a luxury brand grounded in its ethics. The brand’s Greenwich Village location is full of beautifully handcrafted goods from around the globe, all sustainably sourced. Choose between pillows made from Mud cloth, colorful West African textiles, and Juju hats from Cameroon. A close second to its overall mission, is the fact that the store itself is, in a word: beautiful.
C.O. Bigelow
414 6th Ave., Greenwich Village
We love their big old-fashioned sign and window displays which make it look like it's still a mom and pop shop from the 1960's. Inside, it's the opposite, full of their own ever-growing and excellent line of body care products, and the best of what's new from other brands like Diptyque, La Roche, and Boiron. They take great care to stock the best offerings in beauty and body care, so it's always fun to go and pick up a special treat. They also fill prescriptions.
17 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village
Back in the '50s, when famed industrial designer Dieter Rams was the head of design at Braun, he developed a modular shelving system to hold his now-iconic hi-fi systems—and a company, started by Neils Vitsoe, was born. The system has been in production ever since, and in an anti-obsolescence testament, it's changed very little, meaning that original Vitsoe owners can still add onto, and change, their systems today. It's incredibly strong (Rams was an architect), meaning it can house huge vinyl and coffee table collections—and then you can take it with you when you move. (The planners will re-draw your systems for you for free.)
Idlewild Books
170 7th Ave. S, Greenwich Village
Novels, travel guides, and history books are all jumbled together and categorized by country and region, rather than by author or subject matter at this travel-centric bookstore: The idea is that a book based in a particular place can be the perfect supplement to your trip. As an example, before heading to Istanbul, they suggest you read Orhan Pamuk's memoir by the same name, to get a real feel for the city. For those prepping for a longer trip or a move, their language classes are a major plus, as they're taught by native speakers. There's also a location in Brooklyn.