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Elizabeth Messina Photography
Okay, so Elizabeth Messina is more likely to be available for your granddaughter’s wedding than for yours, but her photographs are probably the most respected (and Pinned) in the industry. She’s a magician with light, and her style is delicate and ethereal, with delicate lines, soft colors, and enchantingly natural posing. She’s an artist when it comes to form, but that doesn’t mean she can’t capture the emotion and happiness of an event; her bride-and-groom photographs are all love and joy.
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Parties don’t always lend themselves to healthy meals. The idea behind this food service is that simple, good food can be special-event-worthy. Woldy’s will work with you to come up with a menu (whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner) that is seasonal and local, without skimping on taste. Sample dishes include: chia seed breakfast bowls decorated with shaved coconut and edible flowers; roasted Brussels sprouts with white beans and almonds, served with blood orange vinaigrette; Vietnamese-inspired meatballs with sriracha aioli; and (flourless) chocolate cake.
Pinch Food Design
Seriously not your average catering crew, Pinch brings a playful, almost theatrical vibe to party food presentation. It’s run by chef Bob Spiegel and designer TJ Girard who collaborate in equal parts: With Pinch, it’s as much about the experience as it is the taste. Picture chef’s tables with quick prep demos, food stations that literally move, clever dishes that rest atop wine glasses, custom-designed utensils, floating pizza slices, and so, so much more.
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