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Artechouse Light Show Exhibit
439 W 15th St., Chelsea
COVID-19 update: Open daily for thirty-minute sessions for uo to twelve people. New York is a cultural galaxy in its own right, and impressively, arts institutions are soldiering on and adapting to COVID restrictions. We have it on good authority that the Artechouse Light Show beneath the Chelsea Market is worth visiting. Banked as the most technologically advanced art platform globally, the intention is to provide an immersive space to experience cutting-edge digital art. COVID-19 disclaimer: We are working hard to keep our listings as up to date as possible (deliveries, outdoor dining, etc.), but given the evolving nature of local COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend double-checking the information in this guide with any business you plan on visiting. Also, please note that we have not vetted any businesses listed within our guides for their compliance with applicable safety regulations.