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Tigerlily Holistic Community Acupuncture
360 Jefferson St., Bushwick
Acupuncture can be incredible for stress, physical pain, and many other conditions. Tigerlily Holistic offers group sessions to make their healing treatments more accessible and forge community connections (many people actually find communal acupuncture, versus private sessions, to be more revitalizing). Clients lay back on massage tables or zero gravity recliners as an acupuncturist tends to each person with filiform needles to remove blockages and stimulate the movement of chi in the body. If needed, there’s the option of adding on a therapy like tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, or gua sha (the Chinese practice of gently scraping skin with a massage tool to support circulation). And there are workshops and classes on therapies like Qi Gong, which uses breathwork, meditation, and martial arts-based movement to cultivate balance and emotional tenacity.

40 Bogart St., Bushwick
Think of Syndicated as a one-stop-shop for the dinner-and-a-movie date. In the front, there's a restaurant and bar area for old-fashioned eating and drinking (with a great seasonal menu to match) with a fun, buzzy atmosphere. In the back, there's a movie theater (also with an excellent food and drink menu) that plays an awesomely curated selection of movies at a $3 ticket price, including everything from old black-and-whites to documentaries to cult classics. The whole operation is undeniably fun.
Other Times Vintage
48 Bogart St., Bushwick
Partners, curators, and co-owners Briar (who studied interior design) and Jason (artist, restorer, fixer-upper) started by selling their mid-century modern furniture and other great vintage finds on Etsy from their apartment, which went so well—and provided such a great excuse to get out of the city for weekly scavenging road trips—that they opened up shop in this cavernous loft space with gorgeous vaulted ceilings. They clean up, repair, and refinish each hand-picked treasure before passing it on to enjoy a new life in somebody’s home. They also rent pieces out on a weekly basis.
Little Skips
941 Willoughby Ave., Bushwick
At this point, Brooklyn could probably give Seattle a run for its money when it comes to the number of coffee shops per capita, and Little Skips is easily one of the best. It's especially great for those who like semiloud background music, as it's an undeniable part of the hipster package. Thai iced tea—an equally potent alternative to a latte—is on the menu in addition to all the usual suspects if you’re feeling adventurous. Fair warning: Outlets are a limited commodity here, so come fully charged just in case. The original outpost is on Willoughby Avenue.
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