New York City Health & Beauty

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Tracie Martyn Skin Care Salon
101 5th Ave., 11th Floor, Flatiron
Before becoming famous among actresses, models, and music-industry icons for her skin-perfecting red carpet treatments, Tracie Martyn was a makeup artist. The legendary aesthetician continues to play skin whisperer with the firming, sculpting therapies she pioneered, along with new cutting-edge technologies. The Resculpting Facial is her undisputed pièce de résistance—a miracle combination of microcurrent, microdermabrasion, a peptide-enriched oxygen treatment, and an infusion of barrier-restoring nutrients via Martyn’s own incredibly pure skin-care line. If you’re due for a splurge, try the Face and Body Resculpting Fusion—OMG. The studio, a light-filled oasis featuring sparkly chandeliers and a mostly white motif, is that rare balance of chic and chill.
The Cryosphere at The Alchemist’s Kitchen
21 E. 1st St., East Village
Originally implemented by doctors to treat patients suffering from arthritis, holistically, cryotherapy is believed to lower anxiety and ease inflammation. During a cryofacial here, an aesthetician whooshes liquid-nitrogen-chilled air over your face to help tighten pores and promote smoother, glowier skin. It feels bracing, in a way that’s enlivening rather than “make it stop,” since the treatment is a speedy fifteen minutes. The exposure to frigid temperatures is said to stimulate the release of inflammation-calming molecules and endorphins. In any case, you saunter out looking and feeling fantastic.  
Columbus Park
210 Central Park S, Midtown
A solely outpatient facility, Columbus Park serves adults, adolescents, and children struggling with any type of eating disorder. Founded by Melissa Gerson, a licensed clinical social worker, the center includes a team of ten experts who see clients in individual, group, and family settings and incorporate various therapies including enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Since it is an outpatient program, treatment typically runs between twenty to forty weeks. The center also offers periodic adolescent intensives throughout the year catered to teenagers dealing with anorexia or bulimia.
Maha Rose Center for Healing
97 Green St., Ste. G3, Greenpoint
Simply walking into the Maha Rose Center is de-stressing: The tall ceilings, white walls, and billowing curtains of the former box factory are instantly calming. Services range from breathwork and reiki, to sound baths and shamanic healing circles. The shop is stocked with amazing crystals, herbs and tonics, and more. They regularly host open houses to allow potential clients to check out the space for free—plus, Friday afternoon group acupuncture sessions.
Tigerlily Holistic Community Acupuncture
360 Jefferson St., Bushwick
Acupuncture can be incredible for stress, physical pain, and many other conditions. Tigerlily Holistic offers group sessions to make their healing treatments more accessible and forge community connections (many people actually find communal acupuncture, versus private sessions, to be more revitalizing). Clients lay back on massage tables or zero gravity recliners as an acupuncturist tends to each person with filiform needles to remove blockages and stimulate the movement of chi in the body. If needed, there’s the option of adding on a therapy like tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, or gua sha (the Chinese practice of gently scraping skin with a massage tool to support circulation). And there are workshops and classes on therapies like Qi Gong, which uses breathwork, meditation, and martial arts-based movement to cultivate balance and emotional tenacity.

Daya Yoga Studio
360 Jefferson St., Williamsburg
Many New York City yoga classes are as packed as a rush-hour subway car, but cramped quarters aren’t the norm at Daya. The studio’s two rooms are spacious and high-ceilinged, and the classes are transformative. They teach a variety of styles—including Kripalu, Kundalini, vinyasa, and prana—and offer special classes, like the Candlelit Lunar Flow with live music (it’s stupendous to listen as you go through your poses) and Women’s Rejuvenation Circle, a guided meditation and “emotional check-in,” as Daya instructors say. The first early-morning class of the day is Get Up and Flow, which really gets you moving. (Incentive to get up early: One instructor always brings her adorable fluffy dog to class.)
92 St. Nicholas Ave., Williamsburg
They take hair color very seriously at Pickthorn, where owner Chelsey Pickthorn has been known to mix twenty shades at a time to get the perfect flattering color. The salon specializes in impressively authentic highlights (imagine golden surfer hair and the sun-kissed flyaways of outdoorsy kids), which colorists paint on by hand, eschewing more traditional foil methods. The space is airy and sizable, but with only two chairs, the vibe is beautifully intimate. There’s no getting lost in the assembly line of blowouts that can be so frustrating at mega-salons, and the windows are hand-painted by local artists so that light streams through but pedestrians can’t peek in at the musicians and models who frequent the place—or witness your transformation, until you step outside.