Long Island

Establishment neighborhood
The Printery
43 W. Main St., Oyster Bay
Just outside New York City, in the lovely area of Oyster Bay, you’ll find the Printery headquarters. The location is in the town’s charming old clapboard newspaper building. But the setting isn’t for show: All the vintage printing presses are, miraculously, still in use. Invitations, save-the-dates, announcement cards—you name it—are all handmade and engraved on the printing presses using rich stock. The company is available for private consultation appointments in the city on Wednesdays at locations chosen by the client—your home, the office, a local café, it’s up to you.
Kim Russo
[email protected]
Like many of the great healers on our list, Kim Russo is based in Long Island (there's clearly something in the water out there), where she slowly built her clientele over decades. Besides volunteering as a medium for the Forever Family Foundation and working as a Windbridge Institute research medium, Kim is the author of The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side, and is the star of two shows, The Haunting Of... and Psychic Intervention. With a waitlist that's over a yearlong, Kim isn't currently taking appointments for one-on-one readings, but she does do small and mid-size groups.
Bobbi Allison
Bobbi Allison is an evidential medium (names, places, dates) who moves through the information quickly, which means that a single session packs a fair amount of raw data in. She reads primarily through paralleling, i.e., she will see something from her own life that mimics the message. Although we did not test her in this capacity, in her psychic life, she is also a remote viewer, which means that she works on missing person cases. Bobbi also works with the Forever Family Foundation.
Jeffrey Wands
[email protected]
Jeffrey Wands typically uses tarot to enter the session; after an initial 10-15 minutes of interpretation, he usually connects with spirits he senses in the room (he also likes to engage with photos). An appointment with Wands can feel very much like a therapy session: He intuits blow-your-mind-accurate, spot-on facts and larger truths about your life—not just the past or the future, but lots of incredibly useful and profound stuff about the here and now. He welcomes questions. The author of three books (The Psychic In You, Another Door Opens, and Knock and the Door Will Open), plus three e-books, Wands' appointment book is generally packed (definitely plan to wait at least a few months for a session), and his personal appearances sell out quickly; you can often catch him on TV shows like the Today Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and A&E's Mediums: We See Dead People.
Gina Simone
[email protected]
While Gina practices Reiki and past-life regression, go to her for her mediumship, as she offers profound healing and connection to those who have passed to the other side (cue the tears). Not only does she bring through very validating and specific stories and details (names, dates, etc.), but she delivers important messages from loved ones—about life path and purpose, and relationships that may be coming or may need to go. While some mediums insist on little to no participation other than yes and no (which is fine, particularly at the beginning when you're waiting to hear details that make you trust the connection), Gina is ultimately highly collaborative, which means that you can go quite deep. Gina typically reads over the phone, but she also schedules small group readings in her office, which are a great option for families. She volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, so you can catch her at their events and grief retreats as well.
Joe Perreta
Joe is the youngest medium on the list (like wine, many connected people find that their gifts get more refined with experience), but he is preternaturally gifted, and has been exploring his connection with the spirit world since he was ten, when the neighborhood came to him for tarot readings. Intent on pursuing a career in music, he was pushed by every astrologer and psychic-medium he encountered (he comes from a family of them), to step into his true path as a medium. He is smart, and assured, and channels foundation-building facts as well as the subtleties of personality for sessions that are eye-opening, healing, and substantial. Like many on this list, he volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, though still offers one-on-one readings in his office in New York (there's a wait list, but it's worth it).
Laura Lynne Jackson
[email protected]
Laura Jackson is arguably one of the greatest living mediums, certified by both the Forever Family Foundation (an incredible organization that puts together grief retreats and webinars for families who have suffered devastating losses), and the Windbridge Institute, a foundation helmed by Dr. Julie Beischel that studies psi abilities and how they manifest in the brain of research mediums. Laura's readings are special because they are packed with evidential information (names, dates, and very specific details) as well as personality—she translates so spectacularly that you can almost hear your loved ones from the other side. While Laura is booked up for years, and is no longer taking appointments for readings, her book, The Light Between Us, is incredible and a great overview for how mediumship manifests and works, and you can catch her at events, workshops, and group readings through FFF.