New York

Establishment neighborhood
Baccarat Hotel
28 W 53rd St., Midtown
You know Baccarat, the lavish, storied crystal maker. But do you know Baccarat, the lavish, storied hotel in the heart of Midtown? The building it’s housed in is, unsurprisingly, looks like an ice cube. Inside, once you get up the elevators, it’s all cascading chandeliers, fairytale-looking wallpaper, slick marble, and sexy dim lighting. Speaking of marble, the indoor pool has a checkerboard bottom, which combines with the semi-private cabanas, has a way of transporting you to France the second you dip your toe. Maybe it’s the tufted fainting couches, maybe it’s the four-poster beds and crisp white sheets, but the rooms and suites are somehow minimal and over-the-top at the same time. And the spa? Yeah, it’s La Mer.
A Wild Dove
90 2nd House Rd., Montauk
A Wild Dove is one of those rare-gem boutiques that truly reflects how we live right now. In other words, a store that marries lifestyle and fashion with ritual and wellness. A trip to A Wild Dove’s summer residency space might involve trying multiple pairs of Linda Farrow x The Attico aviators, replenishing your Moon Juice Sex Dust stock, splurging on a Live the Process playsuit, or buying a Caroline Robert’s sculpture. Moreover, store founder Lynn Levoy hosts a series of activations and panels like crystal workshops and meditation sessions for kids.
Kissaki x Fish Cheeks
467 E Lake Dr., Montauk
Japanese sushi-meets-Southern-Thai at Montauk Angler’s Club is a thing through October 31st. The spicy-sweet-sour flavors mark a departure from the classic coastal seafood served throughout the East End. Expect lobster stir-fried with scrambled eggs, scallions, and chili jam, coconut crab curry, seasonal nigiri, and hearty futomaki rolls. This pop-up is operating on a drop-in policy, so be sure to get in early to beat the crowd. (Or skip the crowd entirely and order takeout to enjoy at home.) Images courtesy of the Montauk Anglers, Kissaki, and Fish Cheeks.
Hauser & Wirth
9 Main St., Southampton
Hauser & Wirth’s long-anticipated Southampton space is here under the direction of Marc Payot. This July, peruse works by LA-based artist Henry Taylor during his month-long exhibit. Come August, expect to see pieces from Gary Simmons, Charles Gaines, and Philip Guston throughout the showroom (which will be open to the public). Later this summer, the gallery will be bringing art to the great outdoors, dotting sculptures by Louise Bourgeois and Eduardo Chillida throughout their exterior space and the garden of the Southampton Arts Center. Images courtesy of Hauser & Wirth, Georgo Condo, Henry Taylor, and Genevieve Hanson.
Sollis Health
760 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill
A 24/7 medical concierge may sound a touch over-the-top, but when you consider the reality of summer activities (watersports, tennis, hiking), the ongoing pandemic, and the accident-prone nature of the under-18 set, immediate access to excellent doctors summons a sigh a relief. The Sollis team can handle 90% of the maladies a typical ER treats, each medical center has state-of-the-art technology and amenities, house calls are no problem, and the wait time is usually zero. Naturally, top-notch service like this comes at a cost—plus a membership fee. But, for those seeking genuinely discreet treatment, medical access, and emergency care, at home or at one of the Sollis centers in major US cities, this concierge service can’t be beat.
17 Newtown Ln., East Hampton
We don’t call out every luxury retail outpost in the Hamptons—there are many—but the new Gucci store merits a mention. After several pop-ups and collaborations in the area over the last few years, the born-in-Florence brand has committed to a permanent space on Newtown Lane. Like any Gucci outpost, the interior is wildly cool. Ocean-blue moiré walls, plush velvet armchairs, and gorgeous brass fixtures frame the merchandise, which happens to be a Hamptons-specific capsule: coastal blue leather trims and Hamptons emblems cover the range of bucket bags and totes you’ll find inside, plus the usual edit of clothing and accessories.