New York

Establishment neighborhood
Madoo Conservancy
618 Sagg Main St,, Sagaponack
Artist Robert Dash moved to Sagaponack from New York City in the ’60s and turned his two-acre homestead into a horticultural oasis. Visitors can stroll various gardens dreamed up by Dash and inspired by history, like the High Renaissance, the early Greeks, and the Tudors—a refreshing departure from the clipped, exacting lawns that tend to be the template for greenery here. Other quirky elements include a grove of ramrod-straight ginkgo biloba trees, and the Telephone Pole Path, a walkway made entirely of reclaimed, sliced telephone poles. Aside from strolling the grounds, guests can participate in Madoo’s range of cultural events, like the lecture series exploring landscape architecture, art exhibits, winter wreath-making workshops, and this year's summer benefit and auction celebrating Madoo's twenty-fifth anniversary as a beloved public garden.
The Sanctuary
716 Montauk Hwy., Montauk
The Surf Lodge, a hotel-meets-surf-haven-meets-restaurant-meets-cocktail-bar, is generally where the party is at, but this year owner Jayma Cardoso figured the frequent nights of partying happening at her establishment needed a morning antidote. This is where the Sanctuary comes in. Cardoso’s new venture in collaboration with longtime colleague Marisa Hochberg is a one-stop wellness shop for workout gear, cruelty-free beauty, and a roster of classes and talks with respected outfits like Y7, Taryn Toomey, and the Ness.
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