New Jersey

Establishment neighborhood
The George Inn
37 N. Mountain Ave., Montclair
Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown has always had incredible taste; she’s also devoted to all things clean, from organic food to non-toxic cleaning and beauty products. She and her husband, Steven Plofker, have renovated a gorgeous old family home-turned-hotel-in-disrepair into The George Inn, a 32-room boutique hotel. Stunningly restored, the generous, airy rooms are updated with chic touches everywhere, from fire-engine-red mini fridges from Smeg, Hudson Bay blankets, linens from Flaneur, and more. Every room has its own collection of black-and-white photographs, each relating to a different name: The “Steven” room, for instance, has portraits of Steve McQueen, Steve Jobs, and Steven Tyler, etc. Organic breakfast and high tea are served in cozy rooms downstairs—there are plenty of places to lounge by a fireplace and leaf through cool art books, or stare out the enormous old windows at the trees. There’s even a closet that’s a mini pop-up shop of Brown’s next venture, JustBobbi. The inn is set to open its doors to guests in March 2018.
Janet Nohavec
[email protected]
Reverend Janet Nohavec is a former Roman Catholic nun, which makes her a great choice for those who find it difficult to reconcile their religious beliefs and mediumship. Her readings, which typically run about 30 minutes, are highly evidential. She focuses on producing a string of facts, names, places, and dates rather than an interpretative framework. This makes sense, as Nohavec started her own church in New Jersey in 1996, called The Journey Within Spiritualist Church—she leaves it to the sitter to assimilate what the information might mean, and how best to apply it. She is a volunteer for the Forever Family Foundation, and also does work with hospice.
King Spa & Fitness
321 Commercial Ave., Palisades Park
New Yorkers make the pilgrimage across the George Washington bridge into the New Jersey Palisades for this 24-hour spa, and with good reason: With several floors offering a variety of spa and sauna options, from men- and women-only whirlpools, to a traditional Korean Hwangtoh (yellow mud) Room, to an infrared sauna accommodating several people at a time, it’s the mother of all spa complexes. The Korean noodle bar and over-the-top kitschy decor—fake palms included—are the icing on the cake.